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More Owl Cupcakes!


Owl in a Jar Cupcakes

As I now had my very own handmade owl mould I experimented with different coloured sugar paste owls for different cupcake orders and celebrations.  These vibrant coral and yellow owls with their small flower detail I used for a Cupcakes in a Jar order. To tie in the colour theme of the owls I first added a layer of buttercream to the jar and sprinkled yellow and white sugar pearls onto the buttercream before adding the chocolate cupcakes.  These I then iced and proudly added the owls to sit comfortable on their buttercream perch.

Owl in a Jar Cupcakes

Hayley loves owls so again it was a great opportunity to use my mould again.  I used a bright and pale blue paste for these owls and added painted detail to them. They were an added treat for Hayley at her scrapbooking birthday celebration.Bright Blue Owl CupcakesBright Blue Owl Cupcakes

Bright Blue Owl Cupcakes

       It was a real Hoot celebrating Hayley’s Birthday!

Bright Pink and Blue Owl Cupcakes were the order of the day for my contribution to the Cupcakes4Kids With Cancer Fundraising Day at Fourways Mall.  I loved making these cupcakes to be sold in aid of this amazing organisation and was so extremely touched to be presented with a certificate of contribution by Vimala who along with other volunteers puts so much of her time and ethusiasm to this cause.  Their facebook page is so worth a visit to see all the young lives to whom these volunteers make a difference.

Cupcakes4Kids with Cancer

    Cupcakes4Kids with Cancer

Wendy celebrated her birthday and as a small gift I made her rich chocolate cupcakes in a jar with Pastel Pink and Blue Owls.  Wendy also has a passion for owls and a lovely collection of different owls so these cute decorations were the obvious choice for her cupcakes.  I added a set of stamped and hand coloured owl cards to her gifts as card making is another passion of mine, one which I don’t often get time to spend too much time on.  It was a pleasure to celebrate Wendy’s birthday and to see her delight in receiving her gifts. Thanks Wendy for your amazing support of and delight in Cupcakes2Delite.

Owl Cupcakes in Pastel Lavender & BlueOwl Cupcakes in Pastel Lavender & Blue

Owl Cupcakes in Pastel Lavender & Blue

A Wonderful Owl Birthday Celebration for Wendy!

Cupcakes2Delite goes Mould Making!

Owl Mould for Sugar Paste Owls

After having used a number of silicone moulds for my different sugar paste decorations, I decided to do learn how to make my own moulds in order to produce delightful decorations that are unique to Cupcakes2Delite.  The course I took part in was presented by Paul of AMT Composites in Johannesburg and it was an incredibly comprehensive full day course.  I was so chuffed when I came home with my newly purchased product and was able to produce this silicone mould of an owl from a key ring that had captured my attention. In the photo below the key ring is the owl with the pink and lime green wings and the others are sugar paste owls made from my mould.

Owl Mold For Sugar Paste OwlOwl Mold For Sugar Paste Owl

Of course this experimental owls needed cupcakes to perch themselves on!

Owl Cupcakes using silicone mould

Owl And Flower Cupcakes

Owl & Flower Cupcakes

Kerry ordered cupcakes to surprise her sister for her 30th birthday and as she loves owls I made these tiny sugar paste owls in pale blue and yellow. For added detail I embossed a circle  for their little chest and added a heart to each one.  The wings are hearts onto which I hand painted white dots,  Finally I gave them cute googly eyes with eyelashes.  For the flower cupcakes I cut out embossed flowers using the easy rose cutter and added the rolled easy rose as the accent in the centre of each flower.  I also cut out blue and yellow daisies, peace signs and music notes to add to the cupcakes.  I dotted the cupcakes with blue, yellow and orange sugar pearls to complete the colour scheme. The facebook feedback from the guests was that the cupcakes not only looked gorgeous but were delicious too. Thank you again Kerry for your order and so excited that one of my very first clients trusted me again with such a fun order!Owl & Flower CupcakesOwl & Flower Cupcakes