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Coral Valentine Beauty!

Valentine's Ball

After a madly busy Valentine’s Tuesday, Cupid took a few days off before the Valentine’s Ball on Friday night when he was back at his antics amidst the young girls and guys at the Trinityhouse Valentine’s Ball.  I am not sure what shananigans he got up to with other couples that night but his arrow certainly hit its mark with this terrific couple.  Teigh arrived looking rather dashing in his coral red and white striped shirt and suit to fetch his gorgeous valentine, Paige, who was a picture of beauty in a delicate coral and black dress.

The “cupcake cupid” was not going to be left out of the equation on this special night so she rustled up a beautiful coral rose cupcake for Teigh to give to his Valentine. Luckily she had been entranced in the week by one of Rolkem’s, rainbow spectrum food colourings, Watermelon. This colour produces a rich coral or watermelon colour when mixed into sugar paste and it was the perfect colour for the rose.  As this cupcake cupid knows that colour is the way to many any artist’s heart she dusted the edges of the rose with the Rolkem Watermelon colouring and then dusted the entire rose with a satin finish before placing it on the cupcake with black beads to match Paige’s coral and black dress.

Coral and Black Cupcake

As cupid puts his feet up and concocts his plans for lovers everywhere next year, the cupcake cupid remains busy in a sweet aromatic kitchen in order to delight many more hearts in the days and months to come!