Success with Milo Cupcake

Iced the cupcakes shown in previous post with a butter and cream cheese icing to which I added Milo cereal ground down to powder cosistency (with my brilliant Bamix from the Tool Shop – thanks Ivana for your new business and all your great gadgets and goodies).  I also added a bar of melted Milo chocolate to the icing.

Iced the cupcakes and then sprinkled with Milo powder and finished with a block of Milo chocolate and the result….Lip smackingly delicious!


4 thoughts on “MILO CUPCAKE SUCCESS!

  1. had the first one of the batch my mum made, they were so delicious from the piece of chocolate on top, to dipping your finger into the icing having a taste and to cleaning that plate clean! they were delicious,just like all the recipes my mom has made on this site. leaving you wanting more x


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