Michelle’s Dream Inspired Cupcakes

Inspired by a Dream

My friend Michelle came to me the other day and said she had been dreaming about my cappucino cupcakes after having seen them at the Moonlight Market at Second Cup.  To be honest they did have the most awesome aroma of coffee and everyone raved about them.  Michelle was a true friend that evening.  She came to visit the market and ended up helping me with selling my cupcakes so thanks Michelle for your brilliant and incredible friendship. 

Needless to say I was inspired by her dream to make a batch of Cappucino Cupcakes for our scrapbooking morning the next Wednesday and we ate these delectable cupcakes with our cappucinos amidst much scrapping paper and laughter.  Great friends always give me great Inspiration.


7 thoughts on “Michelle’s Dream Inspired Cupcakes

  1. Oh lucky Michelle …. I am quite jealous dear. Cappucino flavour sounds just up my alley. You know where I park my car everyday ……(hint, hint)


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