My Cake Duchess Floraison Class Cake

My Cake Duchess Floaraison Course Cake

Following on from my previous post, I can’t wait to show you my completed cake after 5 days work learning to make these beautiful sugar paste flowers with Sumaiya Omar of The Cake Duchess.  It was sweet sugar heaven when I added my carefully made roses,  rose buds, rananculus, David Austin roses, hydrangeas, sweet peas, tendrils and branches and saw just how much I had learnt in the week. The bass relief on the cake completed the floral theme of this cake. What a journey it has been from following your work Sumaiya, with many oohs and aahs, to eventually having had the privilege to have done a course with you.

My Cake Duchess Floaraison Course CakeMy Cake Duchess Floaraison Course CakeMy Cake Duchess Floaraison Course CakeMy Cake Duchess Floaraison Course CakeMy Cake Duchess Floaraison Course Cake


Thank You to All my 2016 Clients

Cupcakes2Delite - Figurines 2016

Cupcakes2Delite – Figurines 2016

Without all my wonderful family, friends and customers, there would be no Cupcakes2Delite. Your love for what I create just makes me want to improve with every sweet project I take on. Thank you for trusting me with your precious celebrations in 2016 and here’s to another wonderfully sweet year!

(Apologies for the quality of these collages, they were created on my I-phone over a cocktail or 2 during my Deceember break!)

Cupcakes2Delite - Cakes 2016

Cupcakes2Delite – Cakes 2016

Cupcakes2Delite - Flowers 2016

Cupcakes2Delite – Flowers 2016

Cupcakes2Delite - 2016

Cupcakes2Delite – 2016

Bride & Groom, Romance & Lace

Bride & Groom (Lace) Figurines

Inspired by the photo of this bride’s exquisite lace dress for her wedding day, the groom’s elegant suit and the fun photos of this couple together, I created this Bride and Groom Sugar Paste Couple for Mandy-Lou of Annah-Fudge Gourmet Cupcakes.  After having tried every sugar paste available on our South African market for modelling faces and figurines, I am delighted to say I finally found one that is just so easy to use for modelling and that is, Zeelandia Sugar Paste. It is not quite as magnificent as the Italian modelling paste I have been privileged to use but it rushes up to the winning post as a really close 2nd.  It is beautifully pliable and does not get the cracks and quick drying out flaws that our other pastes so easily get. It also colours beautifully with gel and powder colours. A huge thank you to Kelly Jayne’s in Decor Park for stocking this wonderful paste, it has made a huge difference to the quality of my modelling work and is saving me loads of  time with it being so easy to use. No more tearing my hair out to create beautiful faces! These 2 characters perfectly show off the soft translucency of this paste for figurine work.

Bride & Groom (Lace) Figurines

The Zeelandia paste was also perfect for this bride’s dress as I needed it to fall as elegantly and simply as the actual wedding dress. I draped the paste on my petite figurine and then added the lace detail of the dress by first making some lace using the Crystal Candy Midnight Garden Lace Silicone Mould and their Crystal Lace-Signature Blend. The lace mimicked the intricate details of the brides lace dress and with this lace detail I was able to capture the open lacey back of the dress with the added pearls for the button detail. No wonder this sugar bride looks so beautifully radiant and serene showing off her gorgeous dress. The sugar groom was not to be totally outshone by his bride and he is proudly wearing his long-tailed jacket and bright purple cravat and waist coat. Once again Zeelandia paste to my rescue for the soft cuff, tails and collar details of his crisp white shirt. Wishing this couple all joy and love as they begin their journey as husband and wife!

Bride & Groom (Lace) Figurines

Bride & Groom (Lace) FigurinesBride & Groom (Lace) FigurinesBride & Groom (Lace) FigurinesBride & Groom (Lace) Figurines

Scottish, Zimbabwean, South African 80th Birthday Cake

Scottish, Zimbabwean, South African 80th Cake

When you turn 80 and when you are celebrating with your partner you deserve a cake with a very long name, hence this Scottish, Zimbabwean, South African 80th Birthday Cake! I created this custom made cake for Mac and Sheenah for their joint 80th celebration and was given free reign by Shaunagh, their daughter-in-law, as long as it equally represented the 3 beautiful countries this special couple had lived in. On chatting with Shaunagh, we came up with the national flower for each country and Shaunagh then asked me to also include individual sugar work for both Mac and Sheenah. Sheenah’s passion is painting and I printed four of Sheenah’s beautiful paintings onto edible paper and created small canvases for the one side of the cake. Paint splashes below her paintings and the Protea for South Africa completed the painting theme for Sheenah.


Mac is a keen golfer and Shaunagh asked me to include a golf bag for him as well as bank notes as he was a banker. I am sure Mac has played many awesome games in all the countries they have lived and I thought it appropriate to add the golf bag to the Scottish-Thistle side of the cake where I included the part of the golf course on the board with its customary bunker and golf balls. The edible bank notes I added were South African rands and then on the Flame Lily side, the really old Zimbabwean 1 and 10 dollar bills, now quite extinct! The Brown Family Tartan I draped over the cake completed the overall look and I was so pleased to hear that everyone not only loved the design and detail of the cake but the delicious Passion Fruit Flavour and Vanilla Lime Buttercream especially chosen for this awesome couple. Congratulations Mac and Sheenah on celebrating your 80th Birthdays together and on loving each other, bringing up a wonderful family and sharing so many adventures in these 3 beautiful countries!

scottish-zim-sa-cake-iphone3Scottish, Zimbabwean, South African 80th Cakescottish-zim-sa-cake-iphone6Scottish, Zimbabwean, South African 80th Cake

Daisies & Paintings for Jenny

Daisy Cupcakes

Jenny’s  birthday cupcakes each year are always colourful, always different and always fun to make. Jenny has ordered everything from hot air balloons to paintings to daisies to celebrate birthdays with her family and friends.  I didn’t blog your PaintNite Cupcakes from last year Jenny as October ran away with me with last minute orders. The PaintNite birthday celebration was not only  a brilliant way to have fun with your guests while you celebrated your birthday but it gave me the idea to make tiny paintings as cupcake toppers for your cupcakes. The painting you all were going to recreate your masterpieces from was this peaceful water and bullrush scene and I printed these miniatures and popped them onto their sugar paste canvases.

PaintNite CupcakesPaintNite Cupcakes

Thanks again for this delightful order of pretty yellow, orange and blue Namaqualand Daisies for your birthday this year. I know you were inspired by the bright blue daisy from Lisa’s 60th Birthday Cake and it was fun to remake the daisies in miniature and dust them in the hues of the Namaqualand daisies you love. Happy Birthday and pleased to hear that you and everyone else loved the lemon and red velvet flavours of the cupcakes.

Daisy Cupcakesdaisy-cupcakesdaisy-cupcakes3

Dragonfly Kissed Flower Cupcakes

Dragonfly Kissed Flower Cupcakes

Pearls are mostly always an addition to my cupcakes and I pop them carefully in the swirls of buttercream. These shimmery two-toned pearls in pastel turquoise and a pinky lavender, however, were the inspiration for these cupcakes as Wendy loves all shades of turquoise. A perfect spring day greeted us as we arrived at the Victorian Tea Room in Northcliff where Wendy had invited us to a delicious high tea.

Dragonfly Kissed Flower Cupcakes

I used a canvas of white frilled flowers , lightly dusted them to match the pearls and gave them a centre of two-toned pearls and delightfully shiny turquoise dragees. The flowers immediately reminded me of the wings of a dragonfly hence their name, Dragonfly Kissed Flowers. Thank you Wendy for a wonderful time spent celebrating with you and for always being such a caring and thoughful friend!

Dragonfly Kissed Flower CupcakesDragonfly Kissed Flower CupcakesDragonfly Kissed Flower Cupcakes