Thank You to All my 2016 Clients

Cupcakes2Delite - Figurines 2016

Cupcakes2Delite – Figurines 2016

Without all my wonderful family, friends and customers, there would be no Cupcakes2Delite. Your love for what I create just makes me want to improve with every sweet project I take on. Thank you for trusting me with your precious celebrations in 2016 and here’s to another wonderfully sweet year!

(Apologies for the quality of these collages, they were created on my I-phone over a cocktail or 2 during my Deceember break!)

Cupcakes2Delite - Cakes 2016

Cupcakes2Delite – Cakes 2016

Cupcakes2Delite - Flowers 2016

Cupcakes2Delite – Flowers 2016

Cupcakes2Delite - 2016

Cupcakes2Delite – 2016


Christmas Cupcakes with Nougat

Christmas Cupcakes with Nougat

Christmas would not be complete without sweet nougat, dainty gold stars and naughty angels to delight the Christmas sweet table!  Michelle, Tanya and I always have a pre-Christmas party before we all start our festivities with our families and as usual it was a great chance to chat, laugh and eat! Thanks to Michelle we had tasty eats and drinks and a beautiful Christmas table to sit at. I made these Christmas themed cupcakes with rich red cranberries, sweet juicy pieces of glace pineapple, white chocolate drops and a hint of vanilla. Before I baked the cupcakes I added a large piece of macadamia nougat to each cupcake and as they baked the nougat bubbled over the baked surface of the cupcake. Of course with it being a festive girly celebration I laced each cupcake with orange liquer, dusted them with icing sugar and sprinkled them with a galaxy of tiny ethereal gold stars from Nicoletta. No wonder Michelle’s angels had these sweet grins on their faces when they saw these heavenly cupcakes arrive!

Christmas Cupcakes with NougatChristmas Cupcakes with Nougat

Christmas Flavoured Birthday Love!

Christmas Cranberry, Fruit & Chocolate Cupcakes

After I had experimented with these Christmas Cranberry, Fruit & Chocolate Cupcakes, my husband, Eddie, declared them the best cupcakes I had ever made! This is a huge compliment from a man who has sampled absolutely everything that has been created in the Cupcakes2Delite Kitchen. With his birthday being a week after the sampling of these cupcakes he proceeded to place his order for his birthday celebration, Christmas Cranberry, Fruit & Chocolate Cupcakes with a sprinkling of icing sugar and nothing else.

Into the birthday cupcake batter I added cinammon, nutmeg, all-spice and then generous handfuls of plump cranberries, dried pineapple & mango and dark chocolate drops. Inspired by Eddie’s love for the simplicity in these cupcakes, I photographed them with their sprinkling of icing sugar and of course a mad helping of red polka dot cupcake holders and a red declaration of love for the man who is my world. These cupcakes will definitely be on the menu for Christmas with perhaps just a splash of Amarula Gold for total decadence.

Christmas Cranberry, Fruit & Chocolate Cupcakes

Christmas Cranberry, Fruit & Chocolate Cupcakes

Christmas Cranberry, Fruit & Chocolate Cupcakes