Baby Boy Cupcake Class – Kelly Jayne’s

Baby Boy Cupcakes

Soft pastel blue and pink sugar paste moulded into adorable baby-gros, baby feet, framed baby portraits, tiny cute teddies and rabbits and more were what my students added to their Baby Themed Cupcakes in this fun class at Kelly Jayne’s.  They all took home 6 beautifully decorated cupcakes and knowledge gained in this class, working with fondant and moulds.

Baby Boy Cupcakes Class - Kelly Jayne'sBaby Boy CupcakesBaby Boy Cupcakes

It was a pleasure working with such a fun and enthusiastic group of students and great to teach again in the Kelly Jayne environment.

Baby Boy Cupcakes Class - Kelly Jayne's


Baby Shower Cupcakes for a Girl

Baby Shower Cupcakes for a GirlBaby Shower Cupcakes for a Girl

Loretta had spotted my Pink Baby Cupcakes in my Cupcake Gallery and asked me to do similar ones for the baby shower celebration she was having for her daughter in Johannesburg. As always these baby girl decorations are loads of dainty fun in the making, but what made this project all the more exciting was having Carmen share the creative hours with me. With a quick lesson in the making of pastel baby feet and tiny pink teddies, Carmen enthusiastically got stuck in to help me. I couldn’t resist adding this picture of Carmen, pleased as punch with her sugar paste work!

Baby Shower Cupcakes for a Girl

From pretty pink toes, Carmen went on to help me with the itsy ditsy white sugar paste baby “footprints” and miniature flowers to pop into the intricately laced frames. I had time to play with the moulding of gorgeous pink baby-gros to which I added dainty stitching detail and heart shaped pockets. With her sugar energy and spirit in full force we finished the morning off making loads of cute buttons to add as accents on these cupcakes.  Thanks Carmen for your help and for the great company and laughs along the way, I still had a smile on my face when I baked these cupcakes that week and added our pertly pink proudly made baby decorations. Loretta was delighted when she collected her cupcake order.

Baby Shower Cupcakes for a GirlBaby Shower Cupcakes for a GirlBaby Shower Cupcakes for a GirlBaby Shower Cupcakes for a GirlBaby Shower Cupcakes for a Girl

Thank You to All my 2016 Clients

Cupcakes2Delite - Figurines 2016

Cupcakes2Delite – Figurines 2016

Without all my wonderful family, friends and customers, there would be no Cupcakes2Delite. Your love for what I create just makes me want to improve with every sweet project I take on. Thank you for trusting me with your precious celebrations in 2016 and here’s to another wonderfully sweet year!

(Apologies for the quality of these collages, they were created on my I-phone over a cocktail or 2 during my Deceember break!)

Cupcakes2Delite - Cakes 2016

Cupcakes2Delite – Cakes 2016

Cupcakes2Delite - Flowers 2016

Cupcakes2Delite – Flowers 2016

Cupcakes2Delite - 2016

Cupcakes2Delite – 2016

Angel on a Cloud Figurine With Etty Van Urk

Angel on a Cloud Figurine

Angel on a Cloud Figurine

This post is a huge thank you to Etty van Urk of Cake Dutchess for introducing this Better Modelling in 10 Days Tutorial on her facebook page. I didn’t know what to expect but after joining the group and setting aside a bit of time for the 10 days I was eager to see what we would create. Etty’s idea was for members to do a pre-assessment Angel on a Cloud Figurine and then for her to do a step by step live video tutorial for the 10 days and then see how everyone in the group improved with the tutorial practice.

I didn’t join in time to do the pre-assessment but I was hooked from Day 1 after seeing Etty modelling the beginning of this figurine and managed to complete my angel watching Etty’s friendly and informative tutorials. We started with the cloud, made our tiny seated angelic bodies, practised arms and progressed over the 10 days to this completed angel. Each one of us ended up with a unique Angel on a Cloud, each with its own delightful personality. My angel is this cute little girl angel complete with pink teddy and dummy, a very naughty face and cute round butt!

Angel on a Cloud FigurineAngel on a Cloud Figurine

Not only did I take myself out of my comfort zone in order to model a baby, but I met a fantastic group of bakers from all over the world who were friendly and motivating to each other. I also learned that I am getting more competitive with my figurine modelling and that I do love to help and share my knowledge of what I have learned over the last 3 years of modelling figurines and 6 years baking. Thank you again Etty for your time and passion in helping us improve our modelling skills through your Better Modelling in 10 Days!

Angel on a Cloud FigurineAngel on a Cloud FigurineAngel on a Cloud Figurine