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Baby Boy Cupcake Class – Kelly Jayne’s

Baby Boy Cupcakes

Soft pastel blue and pink sugar paste moulded into adorable baby-gros, baby feet, framed baby portraits, tiny cute teddies and rabbits and more were what my students added to their Baby Themed Cupcakes in this fun class at Kelly Jayne’s.  They all took home 6 beautifully decorated cupcakes and knowledge gained in this class, working with fondant and moulds.

Baby Boy Cupcakes Class - Kelly Jayne'sBaby Boy CupcakesBaby Boy Cupcakes

It was a pleasure working with such a fun and enthusiastic group of students and great to teach again in the Kelly Jayne environment.

Baby Boy Cupcakes Class - Kelly Jayne's


Baby Shower Cupcakes for a Girl

Baby Shower Cupcakes for a GirlBaby Shower Cupcakes for a Girl

Loretta had spotted my Pink Baby Cupcakes in my Cupcake Gallery and asked me to do similar ones for the baby shower celebration she was having for her daughter in Johannesburg. As always these baby girl decorations are loads of dainty fun in the making, but what made this project all the more exciting was having Carmen share the creative hours with me. With a quick lesson in the making of pastel baby feet and tiny pink teddies, Carmen enthusiastically got stuck in to help me. I couldn’t resist adding this picture of Carmen, pleased as punch with her sugar paste work!

Baby Shower Cupcakes for a Girl

From pretty pink toes, Carmen went on to help me with the itsy ditsy white sugar paste baby “footprints” and miniature flowers to pop into the intricately laced frames. I had time to play with the moulding of gorgeous pink baby-gros to which I added dainty stitching detail and heart shaped pockets. With her sugar energy and spirit in full force we finished the morning off making loads of cute buttons to add as accents on these cupcakes.  Thanks Carmen for your help and for the great company and laughs along the way, I still had a smile on my face when I baked these cupcakes that week and added our pertly pink proudly made baby decorations. Loretta was delighted when she collected her cupcake order.

Baby Shower Cupcakes for a GirlBaby Shower Cupcakes for a GirlBaby Shower Cupcakes for a GirlBaby Shower Cupcakes for a GirlBaby Shower Cupcakes for a Girl

Preggy Lady Topper & Cupcakes

Preggy Lady Cake TopperAfter Candy celebrated her 30th Birthday with her cute Baby Animal Cupcakes, it was with great excitement that her mom, Michelle sent me an email asking me to do a Preggy Lady Cake Topper and cupcakes for her Stork Party.

Her opening lines of her email read: “

My daughter Candice’s stork party date is set….20th August. Yay!!!! So obviously had to drop the best in the bizz a note for a cake topper and 12 of your delicious cupcakes. 

We have chosen a theme, it is flowers…flowers….flowers, ‘girlie girlie’ and baby rocking horses, baby teddy’s and baby bunnies….all the toys Candy loved as a baby!!! Candy and her hubby have opted not to find out the baby’s gender so please can you mix muted soft baby colours, white, pale pink, pale blue, silver, tan/sand and washed green.”

After reading Michelle’s email request and receiving pictures of Candy and inspiration for the cupcake toppers, I couldn’t resist to make this Cake Topper as perfectly as I could for this family occasion. My petite sugar Candy started off with the most beautiful preggy bump and warm smile and I can’t resist showing you her here below before she was decently clad in her pretty pink dress and funky boots. Her tiny sugar teddies and rabbits are looking on in wonder at this miracle of sugar nature as they wait for their cupcakes.

Preggy Lady Cake Topper

Sugar Paste Teddies & Rabbits

I hope when I reach this exciting chapter of my life with my own daughter, that I will be just as excited to celebrate a new grandchild in my family. Part of Michelle’s excitement was her inspiration picture of a preggy lady and a pram and as the pram could not be conjured up in my own sugar brain, I turned to my sugar guru friend and teacher Pat, of CakesbyPat and asked her to make the pram for this Cake Topper. Well Pat you made Michelle’s day as she was delighted that the pram was included in the topper!

In fact Michelle cried tears of delight as she saw the topper and that just has to be the best reward for any cake decorator! Clients like you Michelle just inspire me. Here is Candy with her pram and her teddy, rabbit, rocking horse (childhood toys) ready for her new baby.

Preggy Lady Cake Topper

Preggy Lady Cake Topper

Preggy Lady Cake Topper

Finally it was the turn of the cute sugar paste teddies, rabbits, preggy bellies, prams and rocking horses to be added to their individual swirls of vanilla iced, passion fruit and white chocolate cupcakes. They could not wait to be part of such a fun celebration. White floral cupcake holders and Aragon Minikin flowers completed the flower part of the theme for the day.  Thank you again Michelle for the thought and care that went into this order for Candy’s Stork Party.

Stork Party Cupcakes with Sugar Paste TeddiesStork Party Cupcakes with Sugar Paste Teddies

Stork Party Cupcakes with Sugar Paste RabbitsStork Party CupcakesStork Party Cupcakes

Baby Shower Cupcakes in Blue & Yellow!

Baby Shower Cupcakes in Blue & Yellow

Congratulations to Caitlin and Daniel on the birth of their baby boy, may he bring loads of joy, laughter and giggles into your family. Just posting the blue and yellow Baby Shower Cupcakes that Liz ordered from me for your baby shower Caitlin. All the cute teddies, baby-gros, rocking horses, prams, bottles, bootees and nappies are made from blue and yellow sugar paste with tiny accents of lime green. Have fun with your little boy Caitlin and Daniel!

Baby Shower Cupcakes in Blue & Yellow

Little Boy Blue…with Lime Green Cupcakes!

Baby Shower Cupcakes for a Boy

Baby blue and lime green were perfect colours for the Baby Shower Cupcakes that Jenny ordered for her daughter’s  baby shower.  With all the guests definitely Oohing and Aahing the new mom- to-be and all her gorgeous gifts for her new baby the cupcakes had to be Oohable too.  I made lime green babygros with contrasting tiny buttons and added stitching detail to the arms and legs.  The teddies with their cute faces I made with blue sugar paste with green sugar paste for their little round tummies.  The boottees, baby feet and bottles are all made from sugar paste and I sourced the blue storks from Jodees.  Thank you again Jenny for your cupcake order and wishing you and your daughter the best of giggles and loves with your new grandson.

Baby Shower Cupcakes for a Boy

Wishing you Baby Boy Giggles and Gurgles!