Little Boy Blue…with Lime Green Cupcakes!

Baby Shower Cupcakes for a Boy

Baby blue and lime green were perfect colours for the Baby Shower Cupcakes that Jenny ordered for her daughter’s  baby shower.  With all the guests definitely Oohing and Aahing the new mom- to-be and all her gorgeous gifts for her new baby the cupcakes had to be Oohable too.  I made lime green babygros with contrasting tiny buttons and added stitching detail to the arms and legs.  The teddies with their cute faces I made with blue sugar paste with green sugar paste for their little round tummies.  The boottees, baby feet and bottles are all made from sugar paste and I sourced the blue storks from Jodees.  Thank you again Jenny for your cupcake order and wishing you and your daughter the best of giggles and loves with your new grandson.

Baby Shower Cupcakes for a Boy

Wishing you Baby Boy Giggles and Gurgles!


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