Baby Animal Cupcakes

Baby Animal Cupcakes

Baby Animal Cupcakes

When Michelle contacted me with great excitement with this order of Baby Animal Cupcakes for her daughter, Candy’s, 30th Birthday, it was a chance for me to go all ‘cutesy’ with these cupcake toppers. Following families through special occasions and having awesome repeat clients such as Michelle makes it all the more fun to create!  Michelle’s last order were the Wedding Thank You Cupcakes  for all Candy’s bridesmaids and this was a chance for Cupcakes2Delite to be part of her 30th Birthday to be celebrated in the Bush with family and friends. The pastel baby animals were a perfect addition for an expecting mother.

Baby Animal Cupcakes

Baby Animal Cupcakes

Cute pastel yellow giraffes, baby pink hippos and blue ellies grinned in between cupcakes with preggy dresses and cupcakes with animal print 30’s. I would normally end off my post here with a big thank you to Michelle for her order but I have to end with a huge thank you as this order of gorgeous cupcakes in Michelle’s words….”did not travel well. I think the distance, bumpy dirt roads and heat in the vehicle did not bode well with them….so sorry, I really did try and transport them as gently as possible! However there is a happy ending!!!! Nobody wanted to eat the cupcakes that were displayed on the birthday table!!! Problem when things are so perfect! 😉 Instead they chose to eat the slightly ‘smooshed ‘ cupcakes from the box, which although not perfect in appearance made up for it in taste…they were absolutely scrumptious!!!”  

This was the first time an order has not arrived as I made it and I was completely devastated and offered to make Michelle an order of cupcakes for a dinner party to make up for it. She declined this saying…“That is so sweet of you but there is absolutely no way I would ever consider taking you up on your kind offer. The cupcakes which I managed to salvage were beautiful and the rest were delicious and did the job they were meant to…they were eaten and enjoyed and that is all that is important!!!”

You are a wonderful and most gracious client Michelle and such a loving mother to Candy and it is a always a pleasure to bake for you.

Baby Animal Cupcakes

Baby Animal Cupcakes



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