Vegan Chocolate Cake Celebration

Celebrating Lisa's Birthday

Loves all round for Lisa

After Lisa (TQO) celebrated her 60th birthday in style, it was time for us to celebrate our teacher Lisa’s birthday. We celebrated with everything pretty and pink and even Pebbles was tickled pink with her loves from Lisa. Pebbles was also tail waggingly happy when she was presented with her party pack of carrot doggy treats from Lisa (TQO)!

Celebrating Lisa's Birthday

Celebrating Lisa’s Birthday

We all went vegan for the day from our tasty food, dessert and of course the cake. I made a Vegan Chocolate Cake (can’t thank Shayna enough for sharing her recipe with me) which is totally delicious. I generously topped it with a creamy Chilli Lindt chocolate ganache made with chocolate soya milk. Pretty plump strawberries and vanilla popcorn were a perfect topping to Lisa’s celebration cake.

Vegan Chocolate Cake with Lindt Chocolate

Vegan Chocolate Cake with Lindt Chocolate

All in all we had a perfectly pink birthday celebration, fun from the start with Lisa (TQO) brandishing her pink feather duster and ‘French maid’s outfit’ through to a wonderful group photo of Les Scrapbooking Girls. Thank you Lisa for being the reason we all met in the first place, the reason we laugh, get up to mischief and celebrate being together every Wednesday. We love your quiet soul, gentle personality, your creative spirit and your deep passion and love for every living soul on this earth!

Celebrating Lisa's Birthday

Les Girls Celebrating Lisa’s Birthday


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