Baby Boy Cupcake Class – Kelly Jayne’s

Baby Boy Cupcakes

Soft pastel blue and pink sugar paste moulded into adorable baby-gros, baby feet, framed baby portraits, tiny cute teddies and rabbits and more were what my students added to their Baby Themed Cupcakes in this fun class at Kelly Jayne’s.  They all took home 6 beautifully decorated cupcakes and knowledge gained in this class, working with fondant and moulds.

Baby Boy Cupcakes Class - Kelly Jayne'sBaby Boy CupcakesBaby Boy Cupcakes

It was a pleasure working with such a fun and enthusiastic group of students and great to teach again in the Kelly Jayne environment.

Baby Boy Cupcakes Class - Kelly Jayne's


Picture This Cupcake Class – held at Kelly Jayne’s

Picture This Cupcakes - Cupcakes 2 Delite Class at Kelly Jayne's

The Picture This Cupcake Class was one of my favourite to present last year at Kelly Jayne’s, Decor Park. With my love for small details and colour, these moulded frames with their tiny flower details were perfect for me to design and teach. My inspiration came from small clay frames seen on Pinterest and the small moulds I had for flowers.

Picture This Cupcakes

This group of ladies worked hard to create 6 mini frames with their sugar flower “paintings”. Each collection of sugar art work was unique and they certainly allowed their creativity to translate into gorgeous mini masterpieces. The best part of teaching is meeting new students and introducing them to another sugar art concept and then sharing their sense of accomplishment. Thank you to Kelly Jayne’s for hosting this class and well done ladies! Thanks for the great feedback on this class.

Picture This Class - Kelly Jayne's
Picture This Class - Kelly Jayne's
Picture This Class - Kelly Jayne's
Picture This Class - Kelly Jayne's
Picture This Cupcakes

The moulds for these picture frames and mini blossoms are available from Kerry of Fondant Solutions. The fine filigree detailed mould is a Katy Sue Mould.

Picture This Cupcakes
Picture This Cupcakes

My Cake Duchess Floraison Class Cake

My Cake Duchess Floaraison Course Cake

Following on from my previous post, I can’t wait to show you my completed cake after 5 days work learning to make these beautiful sugar paste flowers with Sumaiya Omar of The Cake Duchess.  It was sweet sugar heaven when I added my carefully made roses,  rose buds, rananculus, David Austin roses, hydrangeas, sweet peas, tendrils and branches and saw just how much I had learnt in the week. The bass relief on the cake completed the floral theme of this cake. What a journey it has been from following your work Sumaiya, with many oohs and aahs, to eventually having had the privilege to have done a course with you.

My Cake Duchess Floaraison Course CakeMy Cake Duchess Floaraison Course CakeMy Cake Duchess Floaraison Course CakeMy Cake Duchess Floaraison Course CakeMy Cake Duchess Floaraison Course Cake

Cake Duchess Floraison: Sugar Flower Art Course

Cake Duchess Floraison Sugar Flower Art Course

Thank you to all my family, friends and clients for being so patient with me last week as I lost myself in the sweet realms of sugar flower art.  Sumaiya Omar better known as The Cake Duchess has hands that breath life into any sugar flower in the most beautiful way. Her wedding and celebration cakes are breathtakingly beautiful and elegant and her work is inspirational. I was so privileged to take part in her Floraison: Sugar Flower Art Course last week. What a gorgeous treat from my husband to be able to take a week and focus on learning from Sumaiya. Sumaiya you presented your course so beautifully in a tranquil environment and spoilt us with delicious edibles to keep us energised each day. Your teaching skills are amazing and what I learnt was invaluable.

Cake Duchess Floraison Sugar Flower Art Course

Each course I attend always brings new and interesting people into my sugar world so not only was I delighted to learn from Sumaiya, who is an award winning cake artist, but I met two new students, Nafeesah and Faheema.  Being the gorgeous women we all are, we chatted a great deal over the week and learnt so much from each other, Sumaiya being abundantly generous with her knowledge and the three of us sharing our own stories. Nafeesah, pictured above, worked so neatly and quickly, transferring the traits she needs in her own profession to her sugar art work. You are an inspiration in how to truly multi task and do everything with care and precision. I will always picture you with that beautiful yellow David Austin rose!

Faheema, pictured below, this was the calm before the storm in this picture and boy you made us laugh when you announced you wanted to go home after the ‘fun’ of putting your first flower into the cake. Just so glad you didn’t as what a stunning cake you made! I love how you so calmly and patiently learnt a totally new skill, never having done sugar flowers, producing a colourful and pretty cake after the week. Your love of colour and style definitely shows in your sugar work!

Cake Duchess Floraison Sugar Flower Art CourseCake Duchess Floraison Sugar Flower Art Course

The three of us here, tired but inspired after the week ready to take our cakes home. Thanks again Sumaiya for your gentle humility in teaching us these flowers and sharing your skills with us …. now it is just up to us to practice!

Cake Duchess Floraison Sugar Flower Art Course

The Cake Duchess Floraison Cake below with its intriguing David Austin Rose and bass relief work was the magical invitation and enticement to an amazing week!

Cake Duchess Floraison Sugar Flower Art Course

The Cake Duchess Floraison Cake by Sumaiya Omar

Easter Biscuit Class with The Yellow Hat Chef (Nadine)

Easter Biscuits

Last weekend I packed my passport (only kidding) it was not that far . . .  to spend the afternoon with Nadine of The Yellow Hat Chef in Centurion. Our group of 4 ladies had such fun that I would actually have packed a suitcase and stayed longer to learn more from Nadine if I had been able to. These cute Easter Biscuits were the result of an afternoon of learning techniques, practising, laughing and having loads of fun (not to mention the delicious sweet treats Nadine had made for us).

These Easter Biscuits hopped into a few mouths and were enjoyed by everyone so thank you Nadine for sharing your expertise, your knowledge and loads of patience with us.  Can’t wait to see you back in action after your baking sabbatical!

Easter BiscuitsEaster Biscuits