Daisies & Paintings for Jenny

Daisy Cupcakes

Jenny’s  birthday cupcakes each year are always colourful, always different and always fun to make. Jenny has ordered everything from hot air balloons to paintings to daisies to celebrate birthdays with her family and friends.  I didn’t blog your PaintNite Cupcakes from last year Jenny as October ran away with me with last minute orders. The PaintNite birthday celebration was not only  a brilliant way to have fun with your guests while you celebrated your birthday but it gave me the idea to make tiny paintings as cupcake toppers for your cupcakes. The painting you all were going to recreate your masterpieces from was this peaceful water and bullrush scene and I printed these miniatures and popped them onto their sugar paste canvases.

PaintNite CupcakesPaintNite Cupcakes

Thanks again for this delightful order of pretty yellow, orange and blue Namaqualand Daisies for your birthday this year. I know you were inspired by the bright blue daisy from Lisa’s 60th Birthday Cake and it was fun to remake the daisies in miniature and dust them in the hues of the Namaqualand daisies you love. Happy Birthday and pleased to hear that you and everyone else loved the lemon and red velvet flavours of the cupcakes.

Daisy Cupcakesdaisy-cupcakesdaisy-cupcakes3


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