Blue Daisy Drizzle Cake

Blue Daisy Drizzle CakeThis 60th Birthday Cake had to be both quirky and gorgeous as we celebrated Lisa (tqo)’s birthday last month as it had to fit the crazy and awesome nature of a truly special friend in our lives. I chose the bluebelle coloured chocolate to make the ganache for this drizzle cake and added the extra Candy Melts on the board around the cake. I painted champagne centres in the soft blue and white daisies to match the champagne buttercream border of the cake. Of course no celebration on a Wednesday is complete without other goodies so I made matching blue macarons and blue and white chocolate popcorn that was generously laced with honey crunch, bluebell chocolate pieces and matching beads.

Blue Drizzle Cake, Blue Macarons, Blue & White Popcorn

Here is my tribute to this beautiful woman…

“Lisa, you have always shown how much delight and joy you take in the small details of any occasion…..& every occasion.  It is a rare gift to have to enjoy every celebration in the way you do with such spirit and joy and at the same time be able to spread so much of that fun to everyone around you.  Thank you for having this gift in abundance and for sharing it with us every time we see you.  Whether you are laughing with us, teasing us, praising us or teaching us you always make us feel an invaluable part of your very interesting life.

In all the years I have known you as a friend from the Wonderful Wacky Wednesday Scrapbooking group, you have taught me how to laugh at myself more, take myself less seriously, make life fun and how to party with zest!  Just in case you think you may have scored 100% score with me I have to just let you know that you haven’t quite managed that as I still can’t roll out 4 layouts per class as you do….still waiting for that osmosis to happen!

You are an incredibly humble, gracious and beautiful woman and you twinkle through life leaving your magic wherever you go and with whoever has the honour to know you.  If Tinkerbell had dark hair then you would be her to a tee with the mischievous glint in your eyes, the magical carefree feeling you have around you and then there are those crazy pom pom slippers…..and you have been known to don a few crazy items if the occasion calls for it.  You are the only person to have had flasing boobs at Christmas in my lifetime….ok my lifetime is nowhere near the lifetime of nearly 60 years experience you have had so there is hope for me yet!!!  I loved your version of a French maid’s outfit for our macaron demo and needless to say that pink feather duster brought out a few laughs !

Love you madly Lisa and I know that at 60 you are just going to be even more amazing, kind and crazy just with a few more grey hairs with Shaunagh’s crazy turning 60 jokes and anecdotes!  

 All my love Lisa” 

Blue Daisy Drizzle CakeBlue Daisy Drizzle Cake


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