Ceire Turns 18!

Ceire's 18th Birthday

Happy 18th Birthday Ceire!

Who knew that 18 years ago we would be blessed with a petite bundle of joy that would bring such fun into our lives! Ceire you are not only a beautiful & talented daughter but a wonderful & deeply caring friend to all those around you. I love your carefree spirit & fun nature as much as I love your quiet & thoughtful spirit. Both make you uniquely you! They say the hardest thing about being a mother is watching your children grow up and this is true in so many ways. As I have watched you grow there is the realisation that you have become more  independent and that is wonderful for you as you now have so many adventures ahead of you. You can take that carefree spirit and share it with the new friends you will make and it is no longer a treasure for the select few of us who have watched your grow up. Part of me wants to have all your spirit and fun for myself and our family but the biggest part of me knows that by letting you go you will have a chance to charm the rest of the world.

Ceire's 18th Birthday

Tasty Treats!

Such a perfectly pretty day with these tasty Champagne Brunch Treats made by Paige Derbyshire. Sweet Buttermilk Crumpet Stacks, Vanilla Muesli Panacotta with Berry Coulis and Fruit Kebabs with a decadent Mascarpone Cream were on the eats menu. Champagne with Candy Floss and Pimms with diced Strawberries and thin curls of Cucumber made the 18th Birthday Brunch just perfect for Ceire and her friends. Of course no celebration would be complete without the sweet ending and I made elegantly embossed flowers to complete the cakepops made by Gail Freer of Popcakes. The macarons I made in matching Champagne (passion fruit flavoured) and Pastel Pink (strawberries and cream flavoured). Sparkle Mallows and Pink and Lime Meringues completed the beautiful Dessert Table.

Ceire's 18th Birthday

A Sweet Ending to a Wonderful Birthday!

Ceire's 18th Birthday

Beautiful Balloons to Celebrate a Beautiful Young Woman!


2 thoughts on “Ceire Turns 18!

  1. Happy Birthday Ceire, and congratulations to her justifiably proud and very talented Mamma on raising such an exceptional young woman. May your 18th year be as full of fun and colour and as sweet and decadent as the beautiful birthday brunch your Mom orchestrated.


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