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Music Box with Crystal Candy Bas Relief Mould

Music Box Sugar Art with Crystal Candy Bas Relief Mould

Another new and exciting product from Crystal Candy was the inspiration for this vintage Music Box and ballerina figurine from my previous post. This time the new Bas Relief Mould with its vintage feel, was the perfect finish for my sugar paste music box.

I dusted the Bas Relief Mould with Crystal Candy’s Pearlescent Lustre in Antique Champagne and then pressed my sugar paste mixed with chocolate modelling paste (coloured a deeply dark grey) to fit snugly into the mould. I popped the mould into the fridge for approx 15 min (time always varies with me – depending on how distracted I get while waiting!) This, below,  was the result after gently peeling the paste out of the mould.

Music Box Sugar Art with Crystal Candy Bas Relief Mould

I cut this into 3 equal sections to wrap around the music box that I had formed using chocolate modelling paste and then made another vintage piece for the lid. The chocolate modelling paste mixed with the sugar paste allowed me time to press the lid to fit in line with the bottom of the box. To cover the joins I used a strip of pearls mould & the same paste to create a line of tiny pearls stuck over each join. The fun part was dusting the entire box again with a light dusting of the Pearlescent Lustre, Antique Champagne and watching each relief come to life!

Music Box Sugar Art with Crystal Candy Bas Relief MouldMusic Box Sugar Art with Crystal Candy Bas Relief Mould

With an added embossed key the music box was perfect for my ballerina figurine who balanced gracefully in her pink and lace tutu. Thank you Ray for trusting me to try out this wondeful new Bas Relief Mould.

Music Box Sugar Art with Crystal Candy Bas Relief Mould


Crystal Candy Memoir Stencilled Board Tutorial

Crystal Candy Memoir Stencilled Board Tutorial

After posting photos of a Swirls and Roses 50th Birthday Cake I made recently, I had a few inquiries as to how I had decorated the cake board. This is a simple tutorial which I hope helps you create some beautiful cake boards. Remember your cake board is like the perfect “pair of shoes” to complete your cake and no cake should be presented ‘barefoot’ to any client.

Crystal Candy Memoir Stencilled Board Tutorial

I first covered my board in white fondant and allowed it to dry overnight. I placed the Crystal Candy Memoir Stencil across the middle of the cake board first and completed the steps that I am about to explain to you. The reason for doing the middle first is that once it has dried you are able to do the sides one after the other with no fear of smudging.

Crystal Candy Memoir Stencilled Board Tutorial

Once the middle section has dried, line up your stencil so as to complete the design on one side of your board and pin to your board. I pinned in an area I knew would be covered by the cake. You could also pin in an area already covered by a swirl to masterfully disguise any pin marks (see the red pin).

Crystal Candy Memoir Stencilled Board Tutorial

I chose piping gel to which I had added concentrated black Rolkem powder for this cake board but Crystal Candy Stencils can be used with royal icing or a mixture of royal icing and piping gel as an alternative. I love the ‘phone a friend’ option whenever I am in doubt and as usual Ray from Crystal Candy was ready to give advice. In this case she said I would need to use a very concentrated black piping gel in order to achieve a black stencilled board. I thought mine looked concentrated enough, however you will see that with black you have to mean business when it comes to colouring anything!

Crystal Candy Memoir Stencilled Board Tutorial

Pop a generous dollop of the piping gel over your stencil and grab your versatile cake scraper.

Crystal Candy Memoir Stencilled Board Tutorial

Pull the gel firmly across the stencil so that all the design areas are covered. Make sure here not to move your stencil in the process as you don’t want any smudges to ruin your beautiful board. Also remember not to go over the stencil onto any completed areas of your board.

Crystal Candy Memoir Stencilled Board Tutorial

Gently hold your stencil in place and remove all the pins. Carefully peel back the stencil away from your cake board and admire your stencil work as it is revealed. Going back to the colour, you will see here that my  black piping gel did not have enough pigment in  it, and it created a dark grey design instead of the inky black I envisioned for my cake design.

Crystal Candy Memoir Stencilled Board Tutorial

I decided here that it was not a good idea to let tears drop onto my board and there was no time to start my board again so I pulled out my sparkle dusts and found Rolkem’s Raven Sparkles to sprinkle over the wet gel design. This is easier if you do it over a sheet of baking paper as you can tip the board and gently knock any loose dust off the board. Fold the baking paper and then return any extra sparkles to their glittery home.

Crystal Candy Memoir Stencilled Board Tutorial

I washed my stencil at this stage and hung it over the edge of my counter to dry before using it to repeat these steps on the other side of my board. Ray suggested a feather to dust off the remaining glitter but with no feathered friends to defrock, I used this really soft fan brush. I remember in my first demo by Andries of Rolkem about 5 years ago…..in the days when I used to wander into Jodees not knowing the difference between a concentrate and a sparkle….Andries said he had been given a brush exactly like this one and it proved to be perfect for ‘feather’ dusting.

Crystal Candy Memoir Stencilled Board Tutorial

This is the stage where if you are an extrovert you will dance and if you are an introvert you will become an extrovert immediately! I am never shy to do this happy dance even though I may get strange looks from my family, as I believe there is no harm in a dash of this happiness  sprinkled over my work!

Crystal Candy Memoir Stencilled Board Tutorial

Here I have assembled all my decorative elements, including the swirled cake board,for this cake before popping the fondant cake onto it. The final step was ribboning my board with a deep black ribbon which really makes the swirls pop on the board.

Thank you to these amazing suppliers:

Crystal Candy for your amazing collection of stencils…I can’t wait to try out another design!

Rolkem for the Raven Sparkles to my rescue.

Jodees for the edible printed image of a hand I had coloured in for this design.

Crystal Candy Memoir Stencilled Board Tutorial

Please feel free to Like this tutorial or pop a comment if you have any questions regarding any of the products I used.

Bridal Figurine Competition Entry

Bride Figurine Competition Entry

This Bridal Figurine Cake deserved first and foremost a mention of the occasion that it was created for and the wonderful women I had the privilege to meet on that occasion. My previous post has the full story of this wonderful day. As she turned out to be a really pretty figurine I have added here extra photos I took of her just prior to the competition.

I created her using Sweet Revolutions by Domy Woman Mould for her face and torso. These moulds have been amazing in that they allow me to make a figurine in a much shorter time frame. The beautiful Saracino paste, as always was amazing to work with and gave my bridal figurine a soft, gentle look as she stood elegantly in her lace dress.

Bride Figurine Competition Entry

I chose one of my favourite lace designs from Crystal Candy, Will-o-the-Wisp Mould for the lace covering of the dress. Underneath the lace I added a paper thin white Zeelandia paste dress from the waist down. The lace layer I wanted to be a separate layer so I attached it in a few places leaving the remaining lace to fall naturally over the bridal figurine and spill around her onto her cake. I cut out tiny pieces of the lace design to add as shoulder and bodice details and completed her with a simple swish of brunette sugar paste hair.

Bride Figurine Competition EntryBride Figurine Competition EntryBride Figurine Competition EntryBride Figurine Competition EntryHostess Pro & IDuc Competition

I had no idea that creating this simple cake and figurine would lead to such an extraordinary day (so many of my sugar experiences are adventures …. but this one took the cake…!) Thank you to Santi Britz of iDUC and to Vanessa Broughton of Hostess Pro for your wonderful gifts you have given and continue giving in your own ways to women everywhere.

Hostess Pro & IDuc Competition

Santi Britz (IDuc) Lisa Cunningham (Cupcakes2Delite & Vanessa Broughton (Hostess Pro)

This tiny sugar paste duck I moulded using Zeelandia sugar paste and it represented the logo and the colours of the iDUC organisation. The iDUC sat proudly on my cake and now holds a special place in my heart as we learned the story of this humble symbol of comfort from Santi Britz herself.

Hostess Pro & IDuc Competition

Cupcakes2Delite Sugar Paste IDuc

Hostess Pro & IDuc Competition

Certificate and Goodie Bag

Crystal Candy Lace Mask

Crystal Candy Lace Mask

What is life without a hint of drama? This was the last of my pieces for the Crystal Candy Hobby X, 2017 display. A simple but effective sugar paste mask made to show off different techniques for using Crystal Candy products.  I first embossed the sugar paste with a Crystal Candy Lace mat by gently pressing the mat into the rolled out sugar paste. I then added the sugar paste to the shaped mask & once dry I painted it black and then dusted it with Crystal Candy Lustre. The lace I added to one side of the mask to keep part of the embossed mask showing. The final step for some elegant drama was the addition of the dusted feathers and dainty pieces of lace peeking out behind the feathers. I added non-edible crystals as this was for show only. As Crystal Candy was show casing their brand new Edible Fabric, I cut 2 long strips of the Edible fabric and added these to the mask. The fabric folds and falls just as real fabric does so the ribbons fall naturally on your cake and there is no drying out and cracking in the draping of the ribbon.

Crystal Candy Lace MaskCrystal Candy Lace MaskCrystal Candy Lace Mask

Crystal Candy Edible Fabric & Lace Cakes

Crystal Candy Edible Fabric & Lace Cake

I could never have imagined a few years ago when I attended my first Hobby X and admired all the beautiful works of art, that I would one day be asked to create for one of the stands.

Having worked with Crystal Candy Edible Fabric on my figurine, I was so excited when Ray asked me to create 3 exhibition cakes for her using her Edible Lace and Edible Fabric. The design for the lavender and cream were inspired by designer dresses and the dusty rose and copper cake was an adaptation from a cake by Evil Cake Genius. I will save the designs and ideas for another post! All 3 cakes and my figurine are on display at Hobby X, Johannesburg this weekend. Thank you Ray for trusting me with your display cakes and for giving me the opportunity to work with both your lace and your edible fabric.

Crystal Candy Edible Fabric & Lace CakeCrystal Candy Edible Fabric & Lace CakeCrystal Candy Edible Fabric & Lace Cake

Pink Roses & Midnight Garden Lace Cake

Pink Rose & Wilo-the-Wisp Lace Cake

The beautiful peaceful gardens and Italian ambiance of Casalinga were the setting for the surprise 70th Birthday Lunch for Brenda last week and this pretty Pink Roses and Midnight Garden Lace Chocolate Cake looked so pretty on the table against the backdrop of greenery twinkling in the South African sunshine.  Brenda met my mom in hospital over 48 years ago.  My mom had just given birth to me and Brenda was about to give birth to her beautiful daughter, Robyn. They became life long friends and as my mom couldn’t be there for Brenda last week, it was so special for my dad and myself to be there with Brenda, her family and friends for her special celebration.  Thanks to Tracey, Tom and Robyn; Brenda enjoyed a special lunch in a beautiful setting.

I made pretty pink sugar paste roses and added  Midnight Garden Crystal Candy Lace to a chocolate ganached cake. I used the same mat to emboss the pink board around the cake and finished off with a woven pink ribbon.

Happy 70th Birthday Brenda!

Pink Rose & Wilo-the-Wisp Lace CakePink Rose & Wilo-the-Wisp Lace CakePink Rose & Wilo-the-Wisp Lace Cake

Bride & Groom, Romance & Lace

Bride & Groom (Lace) Figurines

Inspired by the photo of this bride’s exquisite lace dress for her wedding day, the groom’s elegant suit and the fun photos of this couple together, I created this Bride and Groom Sugar Paste Couple for Mandy-Lou of Annah-Fudge Gourmet Cupcakes.  After having tried every sugar paste available on our South African market for modelling faces and figurines, I am delighted to say I finally found one that is just so easy to use for modelling and that is, Zeelandia Sugar Paste. It is not quite as magnificent as the Italian modelling paste I have been privileged to use but it rushes up to the winning post as a really close 2nd.  It is beautifully pliable and does not get the cracks and quick drying out flaws that our other pastes so easily get. It also colours beautifully with gel and powder colours. A huge thank you to Kelly Jayne’s in Decor Park for stocking this wonderful paste, it has made a huge difference to the quality of my modelling work and is saving me loads of  time with it being so easy to use. No more tearing my hair out to create beautiful faces! These 2 characters perfectly show off the soft translucency of this paste for figurine work.

Bride & Groom (Lace) Figurines

The Zeelandia paste was also perfect for this bride’s dress as I needed it to fall as elegantly and simply as the actual wedding dress. I draped the paste on my petite figurine and then added the lace detail of the dress by first making some lace using the Crystal Candy Midnight Garden Lace Silicone Mould and their Crystal Lace-Signature Blend. The lace mimicked the intricate details of the brides lace dress and with this lace detail I was able to capture the open lacey back of the dress with the added pearls for the button detail. No wonder this sugar bride looks so beautifully radiant and serene showing off her gorgeous dress. The sugar groom was not to be totally outshone by his bride and he is proudly wearing his long-tailed jacket and bright purple cravat and waist coat. Once again Zeelandia paste to my rescue for the soft cuff, tails and collar details of his crisp white shirt. Wishing this couple all joy and love as they begin their journey as husband and wife!

Bride & Groom (Lace) Figurines

Bride & Groom (Lace) FigurinesBride & Groom (Lace) FigurinesBride & Groom (Lace) FigurinesBride & Groom (Lace) Figurines