Dragonfly Kissed Flower Cupcakes

Dragonfly Kissed Flower Cupcakes

Pearls are mostly always an addition to my cupcakes and I pop them carefully in the swirls of buttercream. These shimmery two-toned pearls in pastel turquoise and a pinky lavender, however, were the inspiration for these cupcakes as Wendy loves all shades of turquoise. A perfect spring day greeted us as we arrived at the Victorian Tea Room in Northcliff where Wendy had invited us to a delicious high tea.

Dragonfly Kissed Flower Cupcakes

I used a canvas of white frilled flowers , lightly dusted them to match the pearls and gave them a centre of two-toned pearls and delightfully shiny turquoise dragees. The flowers immediately reminded me of the wings of a dragonfly hence their name, Dragonfly Kissed Flowers. Thank you Wendy for a wonderful time spent celebrating with you and for always being such a caring and thoughful friend!

Dragonfly Kissed Flower CupcakesDragonfly Kissed Flower CupcakesDragonfly Kissed Flower Cupcakes


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