Green & Purple Ruffle Flower Cupcakes

Green & Purple Ruffle Flower Cupcakes

Happy Birthday Tracy

Tracy’s colourful frilled flowers in her favourite colours on dreamy chocolate cupcakes welcomed her to The Memory Shed for her birthday in July…..sorry Tracy that I am only blogging these now! My cupcake creations would not be as bright and as beautiful if it wasn’t for friends like Tracy who love life, colour and think that no birthday is quite right without a Cupcakes2Delite surprise! Thanks for all the laughs, fun, shared memories and support every Wednesday Tracy.

Just for you Tracy, I took your favourite bright lime green and shades of purple and rolled them into 2-tone roses and made layered frilled flowers with dainty beaded centres. There can never be too much added colour or sweetness in a Wacky Wednesday celebration so I added lavender sugar pearls & purple and green chocolate bits to the display.

Green & Purple Ruffle Flower CupcakesGreen & Purple Ruffle Flower Cupcakes


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