Plumber’s Butt Cake and Cupcakes

Plumber's Butt Cake

This cake was a total blast to make, so beware you are about to be bombarded with this gorgeous Plumber’s Butt from every angle! Dylan is a remarkable young man, who is not only going places but has gone places! He celebrated his 21st last Saturday with all his family and friends and of course with this themed cake and cupcakes. His proud mom, Debbie, ordered his cake with much excitement and planning and I couldn’t have been happier to be part of his celebration as Dylan has grown into an awesome young man. Wishing you just the best for your future Dylan, I would say it looks bright, but maybe not always given your profession!!!

Plumber's Butt Cake

Debbie created a denim themed party and venue for his 21st and she loved the idea of a Plumber’s Butt Cake and the matching Denim Pocket Cupcakes. No plumber can get by without the tools of the trade and the trendy white T-shirt and ‘plumber’s crack’ to boot. These I made moulding the sugar paste over a carefully carved cake and adding a belt with its stitching detail and moulded tools. Thank you to Linda’s Bake and Pack, Melville as that is where I finally found the mould for these really cool tools.

Plumber's Butt Cake

With such an interesting butt, the cake board had to have its own character hence the wood grain embossed sugar paste board and the tape measure, thanks Pat of CakesbyPat I scaled your idea and your tape measures to use as it was perfect for this cake!

Plumber's Butt CakePlumber's Butt CakePlumber's Butt Cake

Finally to the cupcakes I added tool-filled, 21 embossed denim pockets with stitching detail. Thanks again Debbie for such a different order!

Denim & Plumbing Themed CupcakesDenim & Plumbing Themed CupcakesDenim & Plumbing Themed Cupcakes


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