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Bunny 21st Birthday Cupcakes

Bunny Cupcakes

Happy Birthday Alicia, wishing you a wonderful 21st birthday and a year and lifetime ahead of adventure and amazing learning experiences. It was a pleasure to share in your celebration making these cute Bunny & Leaf Cupcakes for your party. I am grateful to have met you and hope that your quiet and intelligent personality and the extremely gentle footprint you leave wherever you go will charm everyone you meet in your friendship as well as in your working world.

Bunny CupcakesBunny CupcakesBunny CupcakesBunny & Leaf Cupcakes


Plumber’s Butt Cake and Cupcakes

Plumber's Butt Cake

This cake was a total blast to make, so beware you are about to be bombarded with this gorgeous Plumber’s Butt from every angle! Dylan is a remarkable young man, who is not only going places but has gone places! He celebrated his 21st last Saturday with all his family and friends and of course with this themed cake and cupcakes. His proud mom, Debbie, ordered his cake with much excitement and planning and I couldn’t have been happier to be part of his celebration as Dylan has grown into an awesome young man. Wishing you just the best for your future Dylan, I would say it looks bright, but maybe not always given your profession!!!

Plumber's Butt Cake

Debbie created a denim themed party and venue for his 21st and she loved the idea of a Plumber’s Butt Cake and the matching Denim Pocket Cupcakes. No plumber can get by without the tools of the trade and the trendy white T-shirt and ‘plumber’s crack’ to boot. These I made moulding the sugar paste over a carefully carved cake and adding a belt with its stitching detail and moulded tools. Thank you to Linda’s Bake and Pack, Melville as that is where I finally found the mould for these really cool tools.

Plumber's Butt Cake

With such an interesting butt, the cake board had to have its own character hence the wood grain embossed sugar paste board and the tape measure, thanks Pat of CakesbyPat I scaled your idea and your tape measures to use as it was perfect for this cake!

Plumber's Butt CakePlumber's Butt CakePlumber's Butt Cake

Finally to the cupcakes I added tool-filled, 21 embossed denim pockets with stitching detail. Thanks again Debbie for such a different order!

Denim & Plumbing Themed CupcakesDenim & Plumbing Themed CupcakesDenim & Plumbing Themed Cupcakes

Hippie Hipster Cupcakes!

Hippie Hipster CupcakesHippie Hipster Cupcakes

Lauren celebrated her 21st with a Hippie Hipster theme and her mom, Sharon asked me to do cupcakes with peace signs and daisies in bright colours. I chose a combination of yellow, blue, purple, pink, orange and green and made daisies with bright centres and peace signs. To make some of the signs stand out I embossed my sugar paste before using my cutter to cut out the sign and I added a tiny daisy to each one before popping them on to the cupcakes. Thanks Sharon and Lauren for a fun and colourful order!

Shayna’s 21st Cupcakes!

Pink & LIme Green Flower Cupcakes

Pink & LIme Green Flower Cupcakes

Michelle’s beautiful daughter, Shayna, celebrated her 21st birthday with her family and these gorgeous cupcakes that she asked me to make for her.  As Shayna spends almost all her waking hours  in an industry that is creative and innovative I was not surprised when she asked me to do something different with the cupcakes for her special celebration.  In keeping with the soft pink and lime green colour theme, Shayna ordered lime cupcakes with a lime curd filling.  My reliable google searches took me to Martha Stewart’s website and I used her Key Lime Curd recipe and the result was a curd with a hint of  buttery sugary sweetness along with a zingy taste of lime.  All the cupcakes were filled and iced and then decorated with a pretty pink and lime green daisy, flower or butterfly.  Michelle’s idea was to use the cupcakes in boxes as name place settings and she handmade and wrote beautiful tags to place on the boxes.  Thanks to Shayna’s zesty requests and Michelle’s attention to detail the cupcakes in their boxes were perfect for Shayna’s 21st birthday lunch.  I love your creative way of thinking Shayna and the way you express your passion for your work so eloquently.  Wishing you a wonderful 21st birthday, you looked gorgeous, your cupcakes looked pretty and today was just perfect in every way for your celebration.

Pink & Lime Green Flower Cupcakes

Pink & Lime Green Flower Cupcakes

21st Birthday Cupcakes

Hippie & Millionaire Cupcakes for Kayleigh!

Hippie & Millionaire Cupcakes

Hippie & Millionaire CupcakesOn Saturday Kayleigh had her 21st Birthday party and Shaunagh asked me to do Hippie and Millionaire themed cupcakes to go with Kayleigh’s chosen theme.  The peace sign cutter I sourced from Kadies in Fourways was perfect for cutting out sugar paste peace signs from purple sugar paste.  I added the yellow and purple daisy and baked these cupcakes in yellow cupcake holders to tie in the yellow and purple colour scheme.  Sunflowers in buckets were the centre piece for each table so I made sugar paste sunflowers for the cupcakes in the purple cupcake holders, these were simple to do with the sunflower cutter and embossed centre.  To tie in the Millionaire theme to the cupcakes Shaunagh suggested dollar signs which I made using an ‘s’ and a line through the centre with white sugar paste which I then larnied up with gold edible colouring.

I was delighted when I arrived to see the brilliantly decorated function room and the fun and detail that Shaunagh and Kayleigh had put into each and every table.  I had to add the photographs below of the clever table ‘numbering’ and the funky buckets with their bright sunflowers, dollar sign necklaces and peace sunglasses.  It was a privilege to have been able to do this order for such a delightful family and judging by the pictures it looks like there could not have been more fun had at Kayleigh’s funky 21st birthday celebration.

Hippie & Millionaire Cupcakes