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Peace Sign Cupcakes!

Peace Sign Cupcakes (21)

Peace Sign Cupcakes

Linda’s brief to me for her daughter Michelle’s Cupcakes was that they had to be Hippie Themed and colourful.  I have used this peace sign numerous times on cupcakes but decided to jazz it up a bit by embossing my purple sugar paste before I cut the peace sign and then totally hippie-fying them with added embossed yellow and red flowers! The delicious swirls of vanilla buttercream were decorated with the colourful peace signs and then I added tiny green pearls for a final pop of hippie colour. Who would not want to dive into a birthday celebrations with these cupcakes?

Peace Sign Cupcakes






Hippie Cupcakes on World Baking Day!

Hippie Cupcakes

Today on World Baking Day, it is the perfect opportunity to say thank you to all those cupcake lovers who continue to support us bakers with their orders  and ideas for their different celebrations.  Without you we would not be inspired to bake as we do!  I baked these Hippie Cupcakes for Denese’s birthday and her friend Lisa asked me to do Hippie Themed cupcakes.  I made these funky peace signs and yellow and purple daisies and the cupcakes were a ‘tie-dye’ cupcake in yellow, orange and green.  The yellow, I flavoured passion fruit, the orange, orange and the green, apple so they were truly an explosion of taste and colour as you bit into them.

Denese sent me this thank you message today: “Lisa, I just want to thank you for the cupcakes you made for my birthday yesterday.  Firstly the flowers and peace signs were perfect reflections of me and the delight when I saw the insides… I can only describe it as ‘you captured the essence of me in a cupcake’ wow!!! Thanks again lots of love Denese”

This message was such a brilliant thank you Denese and I am delighted to be able to make people smile when they see my cupcakes and touch them in some small way in each celebration!  So to all my cupcake clients a huge thank you on World Baking Day!

Hippie & Millionaire Cupcakes for Kayleigh!

Hippie & Millionaire Cupcakes

Hippie & Millionaire CupcakesOn Saturday Kayleigh had her 21st Birthday party and Shaunagh asked me to do Hippie and Millionaire themed cupcakes to go with Kayleigh’s chosen theme.  The peace sign cutter I sourced from Kadies in Fourways was perfect for cutting out sugar paste peace signs from purple sugar paste.  I added the yellow and purple daisy and baked these cupcakes in yellow cupcake holders to tie in the yellow and purple colour scheme.  Sunflowers in buckets were the centre piece for each table so I made sugar paste sunflowers for the cupcakes in the purple cupcake holders, these were simple to do with the sunflower cutter and embossed centre.  To tie in the Millionaire theme to the cupcakes Shaunagh suggested dollar signs which I made using an ‘s’ and a line through the centre with white sugar paste which I then larnied up with gold edible colouring.

I was delighted when I arrived to see the brilliantly decorated function room and the fun and detail that Shaunagh and Kayleigh had put into each and every table.  I had to add the photographs below of the clever table ‘numbering’ and the funky buckets with their bright sunflowers, dollar sign necklaces and peace sunglasses.  It was a privilege to have been able to do this order for such a delightful family and judging by the pictures it looks like there could not have been more fun had at Kayleigh’s funky 21st birthday celebration.

Hippie & Millionaire Cupcakes