Shayna’s 21st Cupcakes!

Pink & LIme Green Flower Cupcakes

Pink & LIme Green Flower Cupcakes

Michelle’s beautiful daughter, Shayna, celebrated her 21st birthday with her family and these gorgeous cupcakes that she asked me to make for her.  As Shayna spends almost all her waking hours  in an industry that is creative and innovative I was not surprised when she asked me to do something different with the cupcakes for her special celebration.  In keeping with the soft pink and lime green colour theme, Shayna ordered lime cupcakes with a lime curd filling.  My reliable google searches took me to Martha Stewart’s website and I used her Key Lime Curd recipe and the result was a curd with a hint of  buttery sugary sweetness along with a zingy taste of lime.  All the cupcakes were filled and iced and then decorated with a pretty pink and lime green daisy, flower or butterfly.  Michelle’s idea was to use the cupcakes in boxes as name place settings and she handmade and wrote beautiful tags to place on the boxes.  Thanks to Shayna’s zesty requests and Michelle’s attention to detail the cupcakes in their boxes were perfect for Shayna’s 21st birthday lunch.  I love your creative way of thinking Shayna and the way you express your passion for your work so eloquently.  Wishing you a wonderful 21st birthday, you looked gorgeous, your cupcakes looked pretty and today was just perfect in every way for your celebration.

Pink & Lime Green Flower Cupcakes

Pink & Lime Green Flower Cupcakes

21st Birthday Cupcakes


10 thoughts on “Shayna’s 21st Cupcakes!

  1. Just too beautiful Lisa! I would not want to eat but the sound of that gorgeous filling would eventually tempt me 🙂 Congrats Shayna and hope you have a very special day.


  2. They are beautiful Lisa! And your ribbons and labels finish them off perfectly Michelle! Well done you two and happy 21st to Shayna xx


  3. Lisa, thank you so much for these delightful little treasures. They were so beautiful on the table, everyone commented on them and of course they tasted SO good! They really addedd something special to the lovely occassion.


    • You are welcome Michelle and I loved the cupcake stories of how the cupcakes were either enjoyed as treats after the lunch or safely kept for enjoying at home!


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