Pretty in Pink 21st Cupcakes

Pink Blossom 21st Cupcakes

Shayna continued her 21st Birthday celebrations on Sunday with more friends and family and of course more tasty cupcakes. She asked me to do white chocolate cupcakes with a strawberry filling and then ice them and decorate with pretty cascading blossoms.  I used a really quick and delicious strawberry jam recipe from Sam Linsell’s book, Drizzle and Dip, and mixed the jam with mascarpone cheese before adding it as a filling to the white chocolate cupcakes.  I iced half the cupcakes with a chocolate icing and the rest with a strawberry icing and then added the pretty blossoms with their tiny beaded centres to the cupcakes.  It was brilliant to celebrate Shayna’s 21st with her, her family and guests as we have all watched her grow up into the beautiful young woman she is today.  Thanks again Shayna for your exciting cupcake orders and hope that your 21st birthday will be a memory you will treasure for ever.

Pink Blossom 21st Cupcakes



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