Dom we have you in our prayers & Thank You to the Medical Staff of St Luke’s ICU.

Thank You Cupcakes

Thank You to all Doctors, Sisters & Staff of St Luke’s ICU!

Today the friends of Dom wanted to say a huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the doctors, sisters and the staff of St Luke’s ICU who have taken Dom into their hearts as they treat him for meningitis.  On Friday as Dom was admitted to ICU, his family, friends and the staff have been his most ardent supporters in his fight against the meningitis virus that he contracted.  His mom and dad have mentioned daily the amazing care and concern that the staff have shown their son and we thought that it would be special to thank these staff in a small way with a lovely hamper of goodies, individual cupcakes and a card.  I met 2 of these staff today who were delighted as the goodies were brought to them and Dom will be pleased to know when we get to tell him that an elderly gentleman visibly perked up and invited us to share the gifts with him too.  Small smiles today as we tried to help in the way we could and show how much Dom and his family mean to us all. Today and every day as you get stronger Dom we want you and your family to know you are in our thoughts and prayers and we say thank you to all the wonderful medical staff around you who give selflessly of themselves as they treat you.


12 thoughts on “Dom we have you in our prayers & Thank You to the Medical Staff of St Luke’s ICU.

    • Thanks Al, I included the pink gerberra’s as I believe they are meant to portray cheerfulness and I wanted the little flowers to bring a smile to everyone’s face today.


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