Cupcake Devotion!

Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Spread the Love Today!

Love is my inspiration for these cupcakes with the addition of something a little naughty of course!  I had these quirky heart cupcake holders which were perfect for the theme of love for Valentine’s Day so I needed a quirky cupcake to fill them.  My naughty addition came in the form of a pink liqueur called Love Potion which I added somewhat generously to the cupcake mixture before baking them.  For added sauce (it is Valentine’s Day after all) I added more Love Potion to the creamy icing for these cupcakes.  Perfectly tiny hearts and these funky straws from In Good Company finished off my Love Potion Cupcakes.  Everyone was tickled pink …. no not pickled pink …. with these gorgeously smooth tasting cupcakes.

Love Potion + Cupcakes = Cupcake Devotion

Valentine's Day Cupcakes

With Love to you all from Cupcakes2Delite



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