Happy Birthday Bakie!

Coral Rose Birthday Cupcakes

Thank you Bakie

My domestic helper celebrated her birthday on Valentine’s Day and as a small thank you I made these pretty Coral Rose Cupcakes for her.  Not only does Bakie keep my home clean for my family but she also helps wash endless baking bowls and cupcake trays and shows her approval with every batch of decorated cupcakes that she sees leave my kitchen.  Bakie loves colour and has her every outfit co-ordinated to the nth degree and this coral and white combination was perfect for her to celebrate her birthday.  I learned an invaluable lesson from you Bakie as you received our simple gifts with such joy and humility and then repeatedly told me the next day how happy you had been with your gifts and cupcakes.  Thank you for everything you do for my family we love your humble and quiet ways!


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