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Green & Purple Ruffle Flower Cupcakes

Green & Purple Ruffle Flower Cupcakes

Happy Birthday Tracy

Tracy’s colourful frilled flowers in her favourite colours on dreamy chocolate cupcakes welcomed her to The Memory Shed for her birthday in July…..sorry Tracy that I am only blogging these now! My cupcake creations would not be as bright and as beautiful if it wasn’t for friends like Tracy who love life, colour and think that no birthday is quite right without a Cupcakes2Delite surprise! Thanks for all the laughs, fun, shared memories and support every Wednesday Tracy.

Just for you Tracy, I took your favourite bright lime green and shades of purple and rolled them into 2-tone roses and made layered frilled flowers with dainty beaded centres. There can never be too much added colour or sweetness in a Wacky Wednesday celebration so I added lavender sugar pearls & purple and green chocolate bits to the display.

Green & Purple Ruffle Flower CupcakesGreen & Purple Ruffle Flower Cupcakes


Pink & Blue Daisy Cupcakes

Pink & Blue Daisy Cupcakes

A floral gift with a difference was the order of the day for Loraine’s birthday today! Wendy asked me to do these for her good friend Loraine and she chose a pretty pastel pink and soft blue for the colour of the sugar paste daisies. Not only would Loraine have been delighted with these daisy dotted cupcakes Wendy chose but her taste buds would have been tingling with the strawberry flavoured buttercream.

Pink & Blue Daisy Cupcakes

Pictured below I had Strawberry Choc Rocks peeping from under the large daisies and finer ground Strawberry Choc Rocks sprinkled on the cupcakes with the 2 smaller daisies. As always, Wendy knew exactly how she wanted to surprise Loraine with this order and thank you Wendy for your message saying that Loraine was blown away by her cupcakes.

Wishing you sweet daisy wishes for your birthday Loraine and enjoy both eating your cupcakes and celebrating with family and friends!

Pink & Blue Daisy Cupcakes

Pink & Blue Daisy CupcakesPink & Blue Daisy Cupcakes

Granny Nora Turns 90!

Granny Figurine & Flower CupcakesGranny Figurine & Flower Cupcakes

Granny Nora turned a grand 90 last week and I was excited when Tracy asked me to make this cake and these cupcakes for her mom-in-law’s 90th birthday.  I had a few pictures of Granny Nora to inspire my figurine for this cake and I needed to capture the petite and pretty woman in the photo for the cake and then portray her love for flowers on the matching cupcakes.  This miniature sugar paste granny turned out almost whimsical on her cake and I crafted her in a pretty hand-painted floral dress with her glasses as she writes the poetry that she so dearly loves to write for family and friends. She is sitting daintily on a white covered cake that I gently embossed with an intricate pattern and stamped with a quote.

Granny Figurine & Flower Cupcakes

The flowers for the cupcakes were just as exciting as I had carte blanche as to what flowers I made as long as they were in shades of soft pink and some of the cupcakes included 90’s to mark the special celebration.  A garden of pink and lavender flowers grew from the sugar paste including delicate roses, open roses, fun pink daisies, hydrangeas, orchids, pansies and lillies and they gracefully surrounded the sugar paste Nora to quietly marvel at her amazing 90 years! I was so chuffed to hear that this tiny sugar figurine was as much the most photographed person as was Granny Nora at her celebration. Congratulations Granny Nora for celebrating your 90 years with your family and friends & your sweet additions in such style.

Granny Figurine & Flower CupcakesGranny Figurine & Flower CupcakesGranny Figurine & Flower Cupcakes

Daisy Ruffle Cake in Peach & Lime Green

Daisy Cake in Peach & Green

Welile celebrated her birthday in February and she was excited about my cakes and cupcakes after her sister introduced her to some of my sweet sugar work.  She asked me to make this ruffle flower cake with its dainty daisies in shades of lime green and pale peach and to add a selection of cupcakes she chose from my website. The cupcakes were bright and colourful capturing the warm summer celebration day. Everyone enjoyed Welile’s celebration and enjoyed her beautiful cake and cupcakes.

Hat & Flower Cupcakes


Just a few pictures of some of my recent cupcakes.

 These are my pastel pink daisy and peach carnation cupcakes.
Flower Cupcakes

Pink Embossed Flower Cupcakes

Pink Embossed Flower Cupcakes

Black & Silver Cupcakes for an 18th Birthday Celebration!

Black & Silver Flower Cupcakes

Bright Sun Hat and Flower Cupcakes!

Hat & Flower CupcakesHat & Flower Cupcakes

Cupcakes for a 70th Birthday Celebration!

Cupcakes for a 70th Birthday Celebration

Cupcakes for a Golf, Cricket and Soccer 30th Birthday Celebration!

Golf, Soccer & Rugby CupcakesGolf, Soccer & Cricket CupcakesCupcakes for a Rugby 18th Birthday Celebration!

Rugby Cupcakes

Hydrangea Cupcakes for Shaunagh’s 50th

Hydrangea Cupcakes

Hydrangea Cupcakes

My flower sugar art inspired by the different Grace Stevens workshops I have attended, is slowly starting to improve and I am enjoying using the different techniques including the dusting of edible colour onto the flowers. These pretty lilac and pink shaded hydrangea cupcakes were ordered by Tracy for the celebration of Shaunagh’s 50th birthday with her book club friends. In keeping with the lilac colour scheme I made vanilla cupcakes with the addition of generous bits of Lindt Blueberry Chocolate in the vanilla mixture.  The icing is also a pale lavender and I used tiny silver beads sprinkled among the flowers to add to the dainty effect of the hydrangea blossoms.

Hydrangea Cupcakes