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Granny Nora Turns 90!

Granny Figurine & Flower CupcakesGranny Figurine & Flower Cupcakes

Granny Nora turned a grand 90 last week and I was excited when Tracy asked me to make this cake and these cupcakes for her mom-in-law’s 90th birthday.  I had a few pictures of Granny Nora to inspire my figurine for this cake and I needed to capture the petite and pretty woman in the photo for the cake and then portray her love for flowers on the matching cupcakes.  This miniature sugar paste granny turned out almost whimsical on her cake and I crafted her in a pretty hand-painted floral dress with her glasses as she writes the poetry that she so dearly loves to write for family and friends. She is sitting daintily on a white covered cake that I gently embossed with an intricate pattern and stamped with a quote.

Granny Figurine & Flower Cupcakes

The flowers for the cupcakes were just as exciting as I had carte blanche as to what flowers I made as long as they were in shades of soft pink and some of the cupcakes included 90’s to mark the special celebration.  A garden of pink and lavender flowers grew from the sugar paste including delicate roses, open roses, fun pink daisies, hydrangeas, orchids, pansies and lillies and they gracefully surrounded the sugar paste Nora to quietly marvel at her amazing 90 years! I was so chuffed to hear that this tiny sugar figurine was as much the most photographed person as was Granny Nora at her celebration. Congratulations Granny Nora for celebrating your 90 years with your family and friends & your sweet additions in such style.

Granny Figurine & Flower CupcakesGranny Figurine & Flower CupcakesGranny Figurine & Flower Cupcakes