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Granny Betty Piek Cake & Cupcakes


Cake for a Granny

Granny Betty Piek, also known as ‘Gran Gran’ & ‘little old granny’ by her great grand children, turned 95 last year in October & her granddaughter, Karen, sent me a beautiful description of this wonderful woman and the impact she has in the life of her family. Having only known my Italian granny for a short time, I have a soft spot for grannies in general and I couldn’t resist making a beautiful cake for this amazing granny.

Here is the poignant description that Karen sent me of her granny.

My Gran is known as Gran Gran and the ‘little old granny’ by her great grand children.

She and my 15 year old son say ‘oh no not you again’ to each other every time they meet. This is often at least twice a week. They both whisper ‘I love you’ in each other’s ears when they part.

She corresponds by letter via old fashioned mail with her now 18 year old great grand daughter in Pietermaritzburg just for fun.

When my 21 year old son’s hair gets long she calls him ‘Shirley’ until he gets a hair cut.

At 95 she has a wonderful sense of humour and reads local newspapers and watches news and has a good idea of what is going on in the world.

Ouma never sits and does nothing. She plays old card games e.g solitaire on her 1st generation PC. She loves reading romance novels. We often find her in her room doing word searches and crosswords and various forms of puzzles.

Ouma loves to knit and crochet and is incredible at both, unpicking sleeves in her jerseys and reknitting them to fit better or to change the style. She works out patterns in her head and crochets miniature chicks and bunnies at Easter and plum puddings and father Christmases at Christmas time.  The number of knitted and crocheted coat hangar covers that Ouma has made for gifts and to sell is beyond counting.

One of Oumas favourite things to do is to play board games with family and friends.

She is very religious and attends church every Sunday and goes to a senior’s meeting every Wednesday.  Until very recentlt Ouma sang in her church choir and she is very sad that she no longer has a strong singing voice.

People are often surprised and disbelieving about my gran’s age.

My gran is an amazing woman who is fun and loving and sociable and respectful and an incredible example to me.

Cupcakes for a GrannyCupcakes for a GrannyCake for a Granny

Thank you Karen for trusting me with your order for such a special 95th Birthday Celebration.  It was a privilege to be able to make this cake and pretty flower cupcakes for such an inspiring person in your life!

Thank you message from Karen,

Once again thank you for the adorable granny figurine and decorations and the beautiful cup cakes that you made for my gran’s 95th birthday on Saturday.

Ouma loved the detail and your craftsmanship.   

Definitely a hit all round!

Cake for a Granny

                                                                                Happy 95th Birthday Granny Betty!


Granny Nora Turns 90!

Granny Figurine & Flower CupcakesGranny Figurine & Flower Cupcakes

Granny Nora turned a grand 90 last week and I was excited when Tracy asked me to make this cake and these cupcakes for her mom-in-law’s 90th birthday.  I had a few pictures of Granny Nora to inspire my figurine for this cake and I needed to capture the petite and pretty woman in the photo for the cake and then portray her love for flowers on the matching cupcakes.  This miniature sugar paste granny turned out almost whimsical on her cake and I crafted her in a pretty hand-painted floral dress with her glasses as she writes the poetry that she so dearly loves to write for family and friends. She is sitting daintily on a white covered cake that I gently embossed with an intricate pattern and stamped with a quote.

Granny Figurine & Flower Cupcakes

The flowers for the cupcakes were just as exciting as I had carte blanche as to what flowers I made as long as they were in shades of soft pink and some of the cupcakes included 90’s to mark the special celebration.  A garden of pink and lavender flowers grew from the sugar paste including delicate roses, open roses, fun pink daisies, hydrangeas, orchids, pansies and lillies and they gracefully surrounded the sugar paste Nora to quietly marvel at her amazing 90 years! I was so chuffed to hear that this tiny sugar figurine was as much the most photographed person as was Granny Nora at her celebration. Congratulations Granny Nora for celebrating your 90 years with your family and friends & your sweet additions in such style.

Granny Figurine & Flower CupcakesGranny Figurine & Flower CupcakesGranny Figurine & Flower Cupcakes