Red Velvet if You Please…..

Roll out the Red Carpet for these Cupcakes!

Red Velvet Cupcakes are not the easiest cupcakes to bake as you need to get an even balance between the chocolate and the red colour of the final baked product.  They also need to taste smooth and velvety.  My first attempt were awful as the recipes I researched all called for baking soda in them.  All I could taste was the bitter soda taste and they were dreadful.

My second attempt was way better and I swopped baking powder for baking soda and they came out chocolatey, velvety red.  Iced them with vanilla cream cheese icing and they look and taste delicious.


4 thoughts on “Red Velvet if You Please…..

  1. Amazing that you go for a second attempt – good on you. I think I would just give up after failing the first time. They look super.


    • I have to get them right as I have an order for 100 of them next weekend and I want them to taste as good as my other cupcakes.
      Found more red velvet recipes today to try out too. Think it may be time to write my own cupcake book as some recipes I have found in published books are not working for me.


    • I need to start taking photos of everything I do including the process of making the decorations. I think a book with awesome photos is what is needed. Just remind me not to forget about this idea.


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