Chinese Please

Chinese Themed Cupcakes

China here we come!

These cupcakes were inspired by a farewell party for a couple going on holiday to China.  I thought these cupcakes would capture the mood of a Chinese holiday perfectly.  Again I did some google research for ideas and made these cute Chinese lanterns and fans. 


Chinese Themed Cupcakes

Oodles of Noodles

My son had the brilliant idea of a bowl of noodles and chopsticks so I made little black bowls of noodles and then iced the rest of the cupcakes to make them look like a big bowlsof noodles.  I used toothpicks for the chopsticks and cut them in half for the chopsticks on the small bowls. 


5 thoughts on “Chinese Please

  1. I love the noodles Lisa. Already putting the pasta machine to work! Well done Teigh- great idea! Was it inspired by Charnlees Noodles at Clearwater by any chance 😉


  2. I think this is your (Teigh’s???) cleverest idea yet. It truly is brilliant. They are stunning to look at and I am sure divine to eat as per usual.


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