Going Potty!


Cupcakes with fondant pot decoration

Gourmet Gadgets Cupcake

My friend Ivana celebrated her birthday on Thursday and I wanted to make cupcakes for her.  She has a passion for cooking and anything to do with food and she sells in the Tool Shop the most brilliant Staub cooking pots in the most delicious colours.  No excuse for not wanting to cook every night with these gorgeous pots.  Here is one of the cupcakes photographed with the cutest of the Staub pots.   I made little pots for the top of the cupcakes in the colours of  some of the Staub pots.


Cupcakes with fondant pots

Going Potty!




One thought on “Going Potty!

  1. Ivana must have been delighted with these. The fact that you always take the time and effort to make such personal cupcakes for your friends makes you a very special friend indeed. Luv ya ……


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