Winter Carnival Market Cupcake Display


Red, Green, Pink and Chocolate Butterfly Cupcakes

Winter Market Day Cupcakes

The weather warmed up just a few degrees for us on Saturday and the sun came out and it was a lovely day for us all at Second Cup.  Thanks to Ed and Teigh,  who were my cupcake scivvies for the morning, I had a beautiful cupcake display and sold out of cupcakes.  Everyone loved them and I had one gentleman come back to me and say that his cupcake was the best he had ever tasted so that completely made my day.  Thanks to all my friends who supported me and to all the Second Cupppers who worked so hard to make the day such a success.


3 thoughts on “Winter Carnival Market Cupcake Display

  1. The icing on the strawbwerry cupcakes was devine! Well done to you on a beautiful, inviting display – no wonder you sold them all. They certainly looked very enticing.


  2. Lisa, your stand looked amazing and the cupcakes I bought were gorgeous. I had the choc orange one which was yummy yummy! Byron and Simeon ate theirs so quickly and quietly that clearly there lack of words expressed a deep satisfaction …….. Well done, I am so pleased that you did so well once again.


  3. You do indeed make the best cupcakes, it is all the love that goes into them that make them taste so good. Thank you for supporting us on Saturday.


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