Paige’s Palette

Cake with paint brushes and colour splashes

Happy Birthday Paige

It was brilliant to be able to celebrate Paige’s birthday with her on Tuesday and to be able to make her birthday cake.  Paige is an extremely talented girl and one of her talents is her art.  I drew inspiration from this talent of hers and made her an artist’s cake.  Again google gave me an awesome idea when I saw a cake design from Kit Box with paint brushes and splashes of paint .  I used my cupcake cake pan Michelle gave me for my birthday and baked a vanilla cake which I cut into 3 and iced with strawberry flavoured icing – just because Teigh and Paige love this flavour.  I made a paint palette and 3 paint brushes and then splashes of paint colour out of coloured sugar paste.  I popped the brushes in and then placed the paint splashes and wired paint splashes into the cake and the result was one even Leonardo would have been proud of.  Happy Birthday Paige to you and again delighted to be able to know you and make your cake for you.


2 thoughts on “Paige’s Palette

  1. It was a stunning cake Lisa. I say ‘was’ because there is not a crumb left! As you know, Paige was totally overwhelmed by your cake and gifts and shed a tear. You are so astute at capturing a person’s personality and traits in your cakes. The love and care that goes into them is always evident. Thank you for sharing the afternoon with us and the cake was certainly “the cherry on top”of her day!


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