Ghoulish Halloween Cupcakes

Everyone always seems to be more organised for events than I am.  I have had plenty of forewarning for halloween with black, orange and green halloween sweets, drinks and decorations in all the shops and plenty of planned ‘ Trick or Treating’ over the weekend in the neighbourhood.  Even with all the lead up to the day I only had some strips of Woolworths ghoulish dracula sweet teeth and I wanted to make some ghoulish halloween cupcakes for tonight.

Here was my plate of ingredients for my cupcakes: chocolate cupcakes, raspberry syrup and dracula sweet teeth. These  sweets from Woolworths are particularly yummy.

Halloween Cupcake Ingredients

Halloween Cupcake Ingredients

I spooned the delicious raspberry syrup over the cupcakes fresh and hot from the oven.  I wanted an extra texture to the halloween cupcake hence my idea to try the syrup as a thick layer on top of the cupcake.  The syrup was another one of the new products I found at the Good Food and Wine Show.   This particular syrup is thick and really fruity and not too sweet.  It formed a beautiful glaze over the cupcakes.

Halloween Cupcakes
Halloween Cupcakes

The final act for this halloween drama was to ice the cupcakes with vanilla icing and decorate them with the dracula sweet teeth and a few drops of sugarpaste blood.  Here are my completed ghoulish halloween cupcakes.  My family loved them and the raspberry syrup just gave them the edge to my traditional chocolate cupcakes.  I was really scared after eating the first one…….really scared that I would eat too many they were that gorgeous!

Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween Cupcakes

Bite into these cupcakes if you dare!

8 thoughts on “Ghoulish Halloween Cupcakes

  1. even without the icing they look good – that syrup seems so yummy. I notice that my local Woolies is left with a HUGE amount of Halloween goodies so maybe I should buy some of those teeth once they are marked down and give them a try…..


    • Hi Molly, FANGS for your comment. it is never too late to blog or try anything out is my motto. I also am not always way ahead with holidays and celebrations but try out ideas even if they pop into my head after the event – and luckily there is always next year. Stef (from the Cupcake Project) let everyone know it was national chocolate cupcake day the other day. We both only found out really late in the day and managed to blog about the day even though a bit late.


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