Beautiful Cupcakes for Beautiful Women

Thanks to Wendy, my funky friend and blogging guru, I have learned how to have separate galleries for my cupcakes so it is easier to look for a cupcake for a particular theme or occasion.  I have divided the main gallery into cupcakes for boys, for girls and others.  I can’t wait to experiment and expand on my Taste Sensations Gallery so look out for some interesting cupcakes in this gallery in the future.  Another new gallery is the Cupcakes for the Beautiful Woman in Your Life and thanks to orders this weekend I have some lovely pics for this gallery.

Small Bright Flower Cupcakes

Small Bright Flower Cupcakes

I had an order for a birthday clebration from one of the beautiful women I have met recently who was so excited about my cupcakes she ordered a variety for her birthday celebration at work.  These are my vanilla cupcakes looking quite pretty with 3 small bright flowers on them.

Lime Green & Yellow Flower Cupcakes

Lime Green & Yellow Flower Cupcakes

I made these for another birthday celebration and tried a new technique I learned on you tube.  The technique is used to grade the colour of clay for clay modelling and I gave it a bash with the sugar paste – not as easy as clay dries less quickly but I was pleased with the result and know that with practise I will be able to come up with some lovely creations.  I’ll have to get back to you on the name of the technique as it is well worth having a look at and quite simple to do.  I chose lime green and yellow and graded these 2 colours together for the rose and flowers on these cupcakes and I thought the result was different, beautiful and funky at the same time!

Dusty Rose Cupcakes

Dusty Rose Cupcakes

All I was told about the lady whose birthday these cupcakes were for was that she loves flowers and vintage colours.  I chose a dusty pink colouring to colour the sugarpaste for these roses and butterflies and combined them with an ivory rose for effect.  The food colourings available are amazing and almost any colour can be matched to suit the theme or decor of the day.  I ended off the weekend with some beautiful rock rose cupcakes but will blog these at a later stage.

So to all those Beautiful Women in my Life who are a constant source of inspiration, friendship, fun and support a huge thank you to you all!


4 thoughts on “Beautiful Cupcakes for Beautiful Women

  1. You have done a good job with the galleries – well done. I can’t wait to see them grow (I know it is going to take time as it is a big job ……)

    I absolutely love the lime green and yellow rose that you did – gorgeous!


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    • Thanks for including my Lime Green & Yellow Cupcakes in your post. I would love it if you would include an acknowledgement for any further photos posted from


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