Sun in my Pocket/Locnville Cupcakes

A perfect sequel to my last post Hot Hot Hot Cupcakes – here is the inspiration behind my Sun in my Pocket/Locnville cupcakes.  I delivered the Ice-cream cupcakes to Lisa at the Memory Shed on Wednesday.  While I was diligently and noisily scrapbooking a young girl, Carmen, came up to me and asked me if I had made the cupcakes as she needed some for her birthday party.  She new exactly how many she needed and I agreed and then asked her what the theme of her party was to which she replied – Locnville.  At 43 I am pleased to say yes I know who they are but it was difficult to come up with any immediate idea for cupcakes for Carmen.  I said I would do music notes for her as she was so excited about her cupcake order and her party.  Carmen I must say is definitely the most delightful client I have had so far and I was inspired to do something a little bit out of the box for this very confident 10 year old.  My trusty research technique is google so off I went into cyberspace and you might have guessed it I was reminded that Locnville’s first song was “Sun in my Pocket” .  I was so excited to translate this into sugar art and thought that these decorations would appeal to the joyful spirit in Carmen.

Sun in my Pocket Cupcake Sugar Art

Sun in my Pocket Cupcake Sugar Art

I made the suns using sugar paste which I coloured yellow and orange and used a sculpey clay flexible push mold to mold them.  For the pockets I coloured sugar paste a denim blue and cut out squares which I then shaped into pockets.  I added the stitching detail and popped them over the suns while they were still soft.  By then I was so impressed with myself I was actually humming the song to myself – not sure if I should be admitting this to you all!  I iced chocolate cupcakes with my delicious vanilla icing and added a Locnville pocket to each cupcake along with a music note.

Sun in my Pocket Cupcakes/Locnville Cupcakes

Sun in my Pocket Cupcakes/Locnville Cupcakes

I didn”t see Carmen when I delivered these cupcakes but I am sure her and her friends loved them today and knowing her she had a brilliant birthday celebration with her friends and was proud to give each friend a cupcake to take home.  If by now you are humming this catchy Locnville tune to yourself then I will know that Carmen’s spirit has touched not only me but you guys too.  To a delightful young client it was a pleasure to meet you and do business with you and thank you for the inspiration behind these Sun in my Pocket Cupcakes and I am certain that you are a  pocket full of sunshine in the lives of all around you.

Sun in my Pocket Cupcakes/Locnville Cupcakes

Sun in my Pocket Cupcakes/Locnville Cupcakes


2 thoughts on “Sun in my Pocket/Locnville Cupcakes

  1. Once again amazingly cute! Byron actually bought the Lochville CD for the daughter of the people that we are going to be staying with in Los Angeles – pity I can’t take her a cupcake as well 🙂


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