Lindt Chocolate Cupcakes

Lindt Chocolate Cupcakes

Lindt Chocolate Cupcakes

I now know that any bar of chocolate can inspire me to make cupcakes – I just have to make sure I don’t eat it before I get the inspiration.  I wanted a treat for my family on Sunday after them seeing all the orders go out on Saturday wondering if they were going to get any cupcakes at all.  There is an easy formula for making these cupcakes. First cut off as many little blocks of chocolate you will need for each cupcake and then melt the rest gently over a double boiler.  Fold the melted chocolate into your vanilla icing.  You can either mix it in completely to give the icing a light chocolate brown colour or you can mix it in just enough to give a marbled effect which I have done in the photo above.  Pipe your icing onto the cupcake and then top with a block of the Lindt chocolate.  You will love the way the dark Lindt chocolate contrasts with the sweetness of the cupcake and the icing.  The only dilemma you may have while eating this cupcake is: do you eat the chocolate block first, do you leave it till the very last bite or do you bite into it as you reach the middle of the cupcake?    Now I can’t wait to try something with some of the other Lindt chocolate flavours!  Any ideas?


2 thoughts on “Lindt Chocolate Cupcakes

  1. What would be really nice is if you put a Lindt Truffle ball in the centre of the cupcake … I think that would be divine …….. but it would have to be milk choc as I reckon the dark one will make it bitter.


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