Teaching is an Art!

As my daughter, Ceire, nears the end of her primary school years I was thinking of the best way to acknowledge the teachers who have been such a vital and integral part of her life for the last 7 years.  The word primary has so many different meanings but I have looked at it as usual in the context of colour.  An artist takes 3 primary colours and mixes them in different ways to create a palette of colours with which to create his masterpiece.  A primary school teacher takes 3 primary ingredients, their students, their knowledge and the school setting and combines these to create the unique child who is ready to say goodbye to their primary school years and move readily into their high school years.

At Trinityhouse School 7 years ago the teachers met a new colour called Ceire and managed to allow her colourful and vibrant, often mischievous personality to develop and flourish. She was a canvas that was not a quiet one, a canvas they probably tore their hair out over often and at the same time a canvas that brought a smile to their faces.  They all persevered and with their energy, dedication and enthusiasm in teaching Ceire and her class mates they have completed their works of art for 2011.  As these children move forward into the next episode of their lives they will take the artistic spirit inherited from their teachers and hopefully create gorgeous splashes of colour and creativity in their respective High Schools.  Thank you to all the Trinityhouse Primary School teachers, you know who you are who cared and made a difference in the lives of your students.  

Now you are saying that is great but where are the cupcakes?  Here are the thank you boxes of cupcakes I made for the teachers.  Half vanilla and half chocolate in case any of them are fussy, and decorated with Christmas coloured decorations!  

Christmas Cupcakes for Teachers

Christmas Cupcakes for Teachers

“What a teacher writes on the blackboard of life can never be erased”- Author Unknown.

Christmas Cupcakes for Teachers

Christmas Cupcakes for Teachers


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