Little girls are made of sugar and spice……..!

Cute Cupcakes for a Baby Girl

Cute Cupcakes for a Baby Girl

There will be the pitter patter of little pink bootees in Julie’s sisters home soon as she is expecting a baby girl.  Julie asked me to do these pink baby shower cupcakes as she was giving her sister a surprise baby shower on Saturday.  I know Julie loves my cupcakes and because she is the first customer who encouraged me to think out of the box and away from the shop bought cupcake decorations all those months ago in May for her Mad-hatter party I wanted them to be really pretty and ooh aahish for her sister.  I did buy the sleeping baby for some the cupcakes and then made the rest of the decorations.  The little prams and bottles I had seen in one of the cake decorating magazines I have.  I thought they would look really cute on the cupcakes.  The baby feet, baby-gro and rattle I made using a mold and then completed them with small flower buttons.  For extra sugar of course I finished off each cupcake with pink pearls and glitter.  Thanks again for your order Julie!

Cute Sugar Art for a Baby Girl

Cute Sugar Art for a Baby Girl


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