‘Tis the Season to be Different!

Christmas - Purple & Silver Cupcakes

Christmas - Purple & Silver Cupcakes

Every year the stores surprise us with different colour combinations for baubles, decorations and table settings for our Christmas tables.  This year it looks like pink, turquoise and pale emerald are all fighting for a look in on our Christmas trees amidst the traditional red, green and gold.  You have to admit they are beautiful and it is exciting to see all the new colours and trends but as I reached out for a beautiful new star shaped packet of shimmering pink and turquoise baubles I thought where oh where am I going to store these new baubles when it comes time to pack them away?  I was really good and with great difficulty forced myself to leave them prettily decorating the shop shelf.  

It was to my delight that some of my customers ordered non traditional cupcakes this year and I could enjoy the new colours of Christmas through these rather different cupcakes.  These were really different – purple and silver!  I cut out white snowflakes from sugar paste and then sprinkled some with silver   and the rest with purple edible crystals.  I cut out flowers in different sizes and embossed them and then layered them giving them centres of shiny silver balls.  To complete the elegant look for each cupcake I sprinkled them with a few silver balls and a shimmer of glitter.

Christmas - Purple & Silver Cupcakes

Christmas - Purple & Silver Cupcakes






2 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season to be Different!

  1. Beautiful Christmas cupcakes Lisa and so nice to see something other than the usual red and green. I couldn’t find a cupcake as beautiful as any of yours anywhere in Orlando or Los Angeles …… I looked … but you are number 1 girl!


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