Smurfette and her Smurfs

Smurfette CakeSmurfette CakeThis was a delightful birthday party to showcase my first smurfette cake and cupcakes .  This little girl turned 7 on Sunday and she wanted a Smurf themed birthday party so her amazingly talented mom decorated the party table with blue and white sweets, smurf bottles, blue & white polka dot chair covers and she even had a slush machine with icey blue slush – it couldn’t have been a more perfect setting for the cutest smurf party next to a sparkling blue pool. This was the first time I tried my hand at bigger sugar art molding and after molding the smurfette’s dress, little legs with big feet and her gorgeous yellow hair I was delighted that she came out looking like a really cool smurfette, she even has a happy grin as if she is really proud to be sitting on her own cake.  I kept the flowers fun and funky to match the smurfette.  She was greeted with many oohs and aahs when I delivered her and that made my day, hopefully the grin on my face was as sweet as little miss smurfette’s grin.

Every girl needs a few admirers so those were made in the form of smaller smurfs on the cupcakes. I have to admit they look a little bit more goofy, but who wouldn’t when sitting next to such a blue beauty. The really happy one is holding a red birthday present and he looks ready to party and was granted pride of place when being photographed.  For all the smurf experts out there please know that I used a bit of sugar art licence as this was the first time doing these cute little guys.  The cupcakes in the blue and white polka dot holders, some with their smurfs on and the others with pretty blue flowers and blue sugar beads, completed the fantastic smurf decor.  Once the visual excitement was over and the birthday guests ate the cake and cupcakes the verdict was………SMURFALICIOUS!

Smurf Cupcakes

Smurf Cupcakes


11 thoughts on “Smurfette and her Smurfs

  1. FANTASTIC! Between these and her divine little pink flower cupcakes this little girl must have been over the moon – hope her mom is a scrapbooker! These pics and little story have really brightened my day! Well done again my talented friend! 😉


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