Turquoise and Black Wedding Cupcakes

Turquoise & Black Wedding Cupcakes

Maxine and Steven got married on Saturday and they chose a colour scheme of  Turquoise, black and white which is a fresh and modern colour scheme for any occasion.  Jenna, Maxine’s sister, ordered the cupcakes for the wedding from me and it was brilliant to experience all the time, care and attention to detail she put into making sure the cupcakes were going to be perfect for her sister.  Inspired by Jenna’s love for her sister, I wanted to make sure that each cupcake would surprise and delight the bride and groom and their wedding guests.  Jenna and I agreed on 3 different flowers for the cupcakes, the black blossom and then the combination of the flat and shaped black and turquoise flowers.  I embossed each flower before stacking them and giving them pearl sugar bead centres.  Each cupcake was finished with a swirl of black beads (I found a brilliant long shaped tweezer from the Tool Shop and it makes it easier to place the beads on the cupcakes exactly where I need them – Yay my new favourite decorating tool!) The picture below shows another of the beautiful cupcake stands I ordered from Russell and it is brilliant to have these stands to showcase my cupcakes.

Turquoise & Black Wedding Cupcakes

Turquoise & Black Wedding Cupcakes

Thank you Jenna for your order and thanks to Jean for transporting the cupcakes to Glenburn Lodge.   May this be just the first of many amazing family celebrations as Maxine and Steven begin their new life together


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