Pink Roses & Lavender Flowers Cupcakes

Pink Rose and Lavender Flowers Cupcakes

Lisa ordered these cupcakes for Penny’s birthday present. She chose pink roses and lavender flowers for this gift box of cupcakes.  The dainty pink roses and embossed lavender flowers with their generous rounded centres look almost ethereal in the square lavender cupcake holders and tissue paper that Lisa found for these cupcakes. As this was a gift given with such care and consideration I couldn’t resist photographing the cupcakes with the gorgeous friendship angel given to me by my friend Michelle. Wishing you a wonderful birthday Penny.

Pink Rose and Lavender Flowers Cupcakes


3 thoughts on “Pink Roses & Lavender Flowers Cupcakes

  1. These are so serene and beautiful. Your photos are showing off your divine cupcakes so beautifully. If you decide to give up cupcake making you could be a food photographer!!


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