“……sunshine, freedom and a little flower.”

Lime Green, Pink & Yellow Cupcakes

Lime Green, Pink & Yellow Cupcakes

“Just living is not enough”,  said the butterfly. “One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.” – Hans Christian Anderson. This quote perfectly describes the theme that Jess chose for her 21st birthday celebration.  Her party was held in a beautiful garden setting with picnic blankets and baskets set out for her guests.  To delight these guests even further Jess chose a flower garden theme for her dessert table. Gorgeous iced flower biscuits and cake pops complemented these cupcakes I made for Jess.  Her colour scheme for this pretty garden of desserts was green, white, pink and yellow which meant that I had a wonderful colour palette for sugar paste roses, flowers and butterflies. To portray the sunshine on these garden cupcakes I dusted some of the roses and butterflies with a translucent shimmer dust allowing the light to kiss the surfaces of these decorations.

Lime Green, Pink & Yellow  Cupcakes

Lime Green, Pink & Yellow  Cupcakes


6 thoughts on ““……sunshine, freedom and a little flower.”

  1. These are just too beautiful! I also love the mix of colours. Makes me want to skip winter and look forward to spring!


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