Cruising with these Cupcakes!

Ship & Yacht Cupcakes

Sail Away!

Ship & Yacht Cupcakes

Sail Away!

Last year this time Daniel requested a rugby cake for his birthday so it was quite a change when he went from a rugby pitch to water for this year’s birthday theme.  He was keen for me to do cupcakes with anything to do with boats.  I had to get my boys cupcakes thinking hat on and my wellingtons and move away from all things pretty and girly for this order.  I used these ready made yachts and ships that I found at Jodees as I liked the small detail on them and they inspired me to ice the cupcakes with blue waves and pop them in the icing as if they were bobbing along on their journey.  I used pale blue, bright blue, white and shiney turquoise pearls as water droplets on the icing waves to finish off the cupcakes.  Hope you had fun Daniel sharing these with your friends, can’t wait till next year’s theme!

Ship & Yacht Cupcakes

Ships Ahoy!

Ship & Yacht Cupcakes

Into The Blue!

” The winds and waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators” – Edward Gibbon


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