Happy Birthday Celeste!

Cream & Brown Flowers Cupcakes

Celeste ordered these cupcakes to celebrate her birthday.  I loved that she specifically chose adult cupcakes to share with her colleagues and smurf and smurfette cupcakes for the children in her class.  She is obviously a teacher with great planning skills and love for her class with the attention to detail and thought she put into her cupcake order.  Celeste chose flowers and roses in her favourite colours and I made a variety for her and added them to chocolate cupcakes deliciously iced with  a creamy chocolate icing.

Cream & Brown Flowers Cupcakes

Cream & Brown Flowers Cupcakes

The smurfs and smurfette cupcakes for the children in Celeste’s class were cute and all sat very well behaved on their individual cupcakes.  I am sure the children were delighted with them and their funny expressions.  Thanks again Celeste for such an interesting and thoughtful order for your birthday and I hope these cupcakes brought a touch of  magic to your special day.

Smurf & Smurfette Cupcakes


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Celeste!

  1. Happy Birthday Celeste! Lisa I just adore the ‘adult’ ones – the colour scheme is superb. Of course the little smurfs are too adorable – very cruel to eat them!!


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