Cupcakes for Bikers

Teigh & Mike, April 2012

Teigh & Mike, April 2012

Mike flies back to Australia today and it has been brilliant to see Teigh and him so excited to see each other again after 7 months.  They were able to catch up as if they had never been apart, play the fool as they used to and of course go riding together again.  Once again I left my apron behind and took the boys off to Dirt Bronco with their KTMs and all their gear and they had an awesome time at the track.  Even standing in clouds of dust to take photos of them riding was great fun for me as it was a pleasure to watch these 2 friends having the time of their lives on their bikes.

Mike loves to eat with our family and again it was a pleasure to have him at our dinner table as his antics and stories are something we have really missed since he left for Australia.  We won’t forget your joy Mike at eating the creme-caramel and the crazy cake pop you popped on top of it and you now officially hold the record for the fastest cupcake eater I have ever seen – witnessed when you devoured these bike cupcakes I made for you and Teigh.  Have a safe trip home and see you on your next visit!

Bike Cupcakes

Bike Cupcakes


2 thoughts on “Cupcakes for Bikers

  1. Mike has to have the naughtiest face I have ever seen! Such a nice guy – our boys are so entertained by him and will miss him.


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