Lime Green & Pink Birthday Cake

Lime Green & Pink Birthday Cake

I seldom bake cakes as cupcakes are my passion and I have so much fun doing them.  Each cupcake I know will be picked up, admired and then eaten with relish.  Cakes have to be overall pleasing to the eye and then they have to be shared piece by piece.  Julie asked me if I could make a cake to celebrate her mom’s birthday and I agreed as she is always an excited customer of mine and I have  a bit of a soft spot for moms in general.  Julie said her mom loves flowers and that pink and green would be perfect colours for her. I iced a vanilla cake with creamy butter and cream cheese icing and then topped the cake with a pretty variety of pink and lime green sugarpaste flowers, roses and butterflies.  I dotted the top of the cake with pink sugar pearls and placed a row of sugar pearls at the base of the cake before adding the soft green and white polka dot ribbon around the cake.  Of course the cake looked perfect photographed here on one of Russell’s wrought iron beaded stands and Julie was delighted with her mom’s cake and she said her mom loved it and  everybody raved about how beautiful the cake was. Thanks for another fun order Julie.

 Lime Green & Pink Birthday Cake


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