Star Wars & Naruto Cupcakes for Andrew

Star Wars Cupcakes

It has been a few years since I last watched my son and daughter race around the garden with their light-sabers and Star Wars look alike outfits as our garden became a far away galaxy and their moments as their heroes were magical and adventurous.  When the garden and costumes lost their allure they turned to the Star Wars movies and games and fought many a Star Wars battle with their friends.  When Shayna asked me to do Star Wars cupcakes for Andrew, I had to revisit those magical times and remember the names of all the characters.  I visited the etsy website and was intrigued and fascinated by the 6 Star Wars clay characters beautifully crafted by the artists at Papercrane Flint.  The delightful characters were the perfect inspiration I needed for these sugar paste characters of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Yoda above and the 2 dark lords, Darth Maul and Darth Vader below.  Sugar paste light-sabers in different colours were perfect for the rest of the chocolate cupcakes.

Star Wars Cupcakes

Your faith in me to do these cupcakes for Andrew was great Shayna and I loved that you put so much thought into the detail of your order to make these a brilliant birthday gift for the special guy in your life.  The Naruto characters were more challenging so maybe I will have a bash at doing them next time but it was great fun doing these red velvet cupcakes with the ‘noodle’ icing and Naruto weapons.  I do hope that they were fairly accurate.  I am really chuffed that Andrew was pleased with this awesome gift from you – I bet he would never have guessed what you were going to get for him.  Happy birthday Andrew and have a fantastic celebration!

Naruto Weapons Cupcakes


7 thoughts on “Star Wars & Naruto Cupcakes for Andrew

    • Thanks to google and all my cupcake and cake decorating books I manage to somehow get it together for every theme. Maybe I can do that thesis when I am off my feet after my op!


  1. Hi Lisa, thank you so much for doing these! Andrew loved them, and friends and family were so impressed! They were stunning and delicious to boot! 🙂


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